An account in Korea commented on the case of the wife killing her husband, drowning the body

Ca Mau province’s authorities proposed to lock the account that is abroad, but there are false comments about the case of the wife killing her husband and drowning the body in the pond.

Regarding the case of a woman who killed her husband and drowned her body in a pond, on May 17, a comment appeared on social networks that the suspect, after killing her husband, had cut bitter melon stew and brought it to the neighbors.

Previously, on a fanpage with a large number of followers posting “The original story of the wife who killed her husband and hid her body for 4 months in the pond”, an account named An Nhien commented: “After killing her husband, she also removed the meat from the bitter gourd stew for the neighbors to eat. And the fish in the pond hid the skeleton that it caught and didn’t eat it, but brought it to the neighbors to eat …”.

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Suspect Son Thi Hong

Immediately after receiving the information, the Department of Information and Communications asked the Ministry of Information and Communications to block An Nhien’s account due to false comments. Through verification, the above account holder is a person living in Korea.

Son Thi Hong (46 years old; living in Khanh Binh Tay Bac commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province) and Mr. LVT (42 years old) living together as husband and wife, have a common child.

When he was not at the beach, Mr. T. often gathered to drink with friends and beat Hong. Last Nham Dan New Year, Mr. T., after drinking, caused trouble with Hong.

Frustrated by her husband’s frequent fights, while unable to control herself, Hong used a knife to cut Mr. T. to death. Then, Hong tied an iron block to the victim’s body and then drowned it in the pond behind the house. To hide his crime, when asked, Hong lied that the victim had gone to sea.

When she heard that her family would slap the pond to catch fish for her mother-in-law’s anniversary, Hong went to the police station of Khanh Binh Northwest Commune to confess. At the scene, the task force discovered a bone, a pair of jeans, a belt…

After that, the Investigative Police Department of Ca Mau Province Police urgently arrested Hong to investigate the behavior “Killing“.

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