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Athletics Referee: The opponent did not intentionally foul Dinh Thi Bich

The incident happened in the final of women’s 800 m track and field SEA Games 31 Today on My Dinh field when the opponent collided with the defending champion Dinh Thi Bich causing her to fall near the finish line.

While sprinting to the finish line, Malaysian athlete Joginder Singh came up from behind, her hand collided Dinh Thi Bich causing Vietnamese athletes to fall down on the running track. The medical staff immediately took care of the defending champion and took her off the field on a medical stretcher.

Dinh Thi Bich leaves the field on a stretcher


Dinh Thi Bich unfortunately fell near the finish line due to a collision with a Malaysian athlete


Talk to PV Youth about this incident, General Referee Nguyen Trung Hinh said that after the incident, the supervisor and the referee reviewed the technical video tape. “Malaysian athlete had an impact on Dinh Thi Bich but it was an unintentional mistake. Therefore, we still recognize the achievements of the opponent,” said Mr. Nguyen Trung Hinh.

Khuat Phuong Anh won convincingly in the women’s 800 m distance


Khuat Phuong Anh’s emotional moment of celebration


In this 800m final, Khuat Phuong Anh excellent performance, strong breakthrough to the finish line to win convincingly. LIVE SEA Games 2019Khuat Phuong Anh finished second, but this time she changed the color of the medal and burst into tears of happiness.

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