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Bamboo is not old, bamboo shoots have grown

Two generations of “old and young” are creating a team that is both experienced and energetic and has reaped sweet results.

The same can be said about the Vietnamese men’s gymnastics team, the boys won 4 gold medals SEA Games 31.

“It was so tense, I stood outside and looked but dared not breathe. It is only when the athlete lands safely that the heart stops feeling suffocated”, coach Truong Minh Sang exclaimed after the excellent performance of the athlete. Dinh Phuong Thanh content of the double beam on the afternoon of 16.5. Phuong Thanh belongs to the “banyan tree” of the team because he has turned 27 – the age is considered the most mature of the sport. sport This Olympics. A few days ago, Phuong Thanh and another “banyan tree” is Le Thanh Tung and a group of “young bamboo shoots” Nguyen Van Khanh Phong, Dang Ngoc Xuan Thien (both born in 2002), Trinh Hai Khang, Van Vy Luong (both born in 2002). born in 2000) competed sublimely and won gold in the team content. Right at Xuan Thien for the first time sea ​​Games also promptly “buy” for himself an individual gold medal in the content of the ring horse.

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Dinh Phuong Thanh performed technically to win 2 gold medals yesterday

Vuong Anh

2/3 gold target sea ​​Games completed, still have to win at least 1 more gold medal to meet the number of assigned tasks. It is very difficult when the Philippine opponent is still “standing” out there. Carlos Yulo – an athlete who was once considered a Philippine sports prodigy when he won the world silver at the age of 18 and then 1 year later (2019) beat big names to win the world championship. Yesterday’s stage was Phuong Thanh and Yulo’s. Thanh was born in 1995, 7 years older than his opponent. Both performed excellently, but in decisive moves such as planting a banana tree on the bar, Thanh performed more perfectly when his arms were not bent like Yulo. Thanh’s young opponent made a few small mistakes, causing the referee to deduct points. Maybe Yulo is mentally ill. Thanh won gold with a very high score and Yulo won silver and Thanh Tung there is copper. Stepping into the barbell test, it’s even more thrilling and dramatic. Both performed above the level of excellence. Thanh is still better at the “banana stand” movement and Yulo is more skilled at landing. Neither side won, the referee gave both gold medals, and Tung got bronze.

Coach Truong Minh Sang shared: “The coach is very happy because two generations of students have brought glory to the country. The achievement of 4 gold medals exceeded the set target. The choice of 9X generation athletes like Thanh and Tung to combine with the athletes of the 2000s generation is correct and accurate. The young friends create new momentum and fresh breeze, and older athletes are examples of perseverance, toughness, and experience. Young bamboo shoots have not grown old yet.” It is also interesting that the two coaches of the men’s gymnastics team are also two generations: 63-year-old teacher Truong Tuan Hien and 30-year-old young teacher Truong Minh Sang.

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