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Bao Viet Life pays more than 800 million dong for dead customers

On May 15, Bao Viet Life Company organized to pay insurance benefits for a customer at risk in Chuong My district, Hanoi with the payment amount of more than 800 million dong. The customer has a life insurance product by his wife and has only paid a premium of 20 million VND when an unexpected accident occurs.

Risk is unpredictable

Risk is something no one wants but can happen at any time, to anyone. In which, illness, accident … even death are risks that are always hidden in daily activities, often occurring at the most subjective time. Many people have chosen life insurance as a solution to prevent unforeseen risks in life, to ensure financial security for the family against unpredictable events.

The case of Mr. Le Van T. (Chuong My District, Hanoi City) who died in a recent motorcycle accident has left many people pitiful. Although life is still difficult, but when they are aware that they are the breadwinners of the family, Mr. T and his wife have decided to participate in life insurance to protect against possible risks in life.

Bao Viet Life paid more than 800 million VND for customers who died in a motorcycle accident - Photo 1.

Participating in life insurance is a humane financial solution, helping Mr. T.’s family to soon settle down and continue looking to the future. Photo: BVNT

In October 2021, Mr. T’s wife used the existing amount of VND 8 million, and borrowed another 12 million from her cousin to participate in life insurance for her husband at Bao Viet Life. Along with choosing An Phat Cat Tuong product, Mr. T’s wife has participated in an expanded accident death insurance benefit, and an additional product Medical care – hospital stay for her husband.

In April 2022, Mr. T. had an accident while participating in traffic. After more than a week of hospitalization, despite being treated by doctors, Mr. T did not survive, leaving his elderly parents, wife and two young children of school age with the grief of his parents. relatives, friends.

Immediately after receiving information about Mr. T’s accident, Baoviet Life quickly coordinated with the authorities to complete the verification procedures and decide to pay the family. Mr. T. the total sum insured is more than 800 million dong as committed in the contract. Accordingly, at the time of the accident, the death benefit of the contract is 400 million VND, the extended accident death benefit is 400 million VND and the payment value from the supplementary product Medical care – Hospitalization is more than 4 million. Up to the time of the accident, Mr. T. had only contributed 20 million VND to Bao Viet Life.

“Because loved ones need to keep living”

During the past years, Baoviet Life always timely pays benefits as agreed with customers. This activity not only contributes to building trust for participants but also has meaning for thousands of consultants of Baoviet Life.

Mr. Bui Van Toan, employee of Bao Viet Life shared: “When advising customers, insurance consultants always face many difficulties because customers still doubt whether the contract is guaranteed after 10-20 years. Through actual benefit payment cases, customers will have more confidence in the insurance industry in general and the life insurance company in particular. This also motivates us to strive to bring the best products and benefits to protect the financial interests of participating customers.“.

Up to now, Bao Viet Life has paid out risk and maturity benefits of more than VND 50,000 billion to customers across the country.

“The future is unpredictable and life always contains unpredictable risks. Participating in life insurance helps people get health insurance and financial security against unexpected events. Even though it is impossible to continue However, Mr. T. can rest assured because the payment from Bao Viet Life will take care of his elderly parents and help his family soon settle down and continue to look forward to the future. future.”, Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu – Representative of Bao Viet Life Company To share.

The risk for Mr. T was an unforeseeable surprise. With the insurance policy of Bao Viet Life, even though Mr. T. has passed away, Mr. T has left a significant financial source for his family members, reducing some of the disturbances in life after the accident happened. out. This is also the human value of life insurance.

With excellent business results, and the trust of the people and finance-insurance experts, Baoviet Life has been honored to lead the Top 10 “Prestigious Life Insurance Companies” since 2015. 2016 to present, surveyed and announced by Vietnam Assessment Report Joint Stock Company. In 2021, according to a report from the Vietnam Insurance Association, Bao Viet Life continues to lead the market.

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