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Because of wanting to be promoted, my husband ruthlessly forced me to continue drinking boss-Young man

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 16:29 PM (GMT+7)

She did not expect that one day she would become a victim of the power trade that her husband caused.

Because of wanting to be promoted, my husband ruthlessly forced me to continue drinking boss - 1

She felt very humiliated when her husband cheated (Artwork)

For the past 2 weeks, her husband has come home every day with a taciturn and sad face. She knew that he was worried about whether he would be promoted to vice president or not. She also never thought that, one day, he would take her out as a “gift” to flatter her boss.

3 years ago, he had a chance to get promoted, but at that time, she heard that in order to be sure of this position, it was necessary to “go to the back door” about 200 million VND. Her family does not have that much money, even if there are two spouses, they do not agree.

At work, he always tries his best. Therefore, he often received the trust of his superiors. Until this year, in the department with major changes, the sudden increase in salary and promotion came earlier. Although he often said that the promotion wasn’t so important, she knew he cared.

He is a man of few words, poor external communication, timid in everything he does, not a big business person but very cautious and good-natured. He is also a sharp person, good at seeing the thoughts of the engraver, living very disciplined.

Recalling that year when he didn’t get a promotion, he said a sentence she still remembers later: “As long as I want to get promoted, I will try to meet all the conditions.”

She is very worried about her husband’s career because as a woman, who does not want her husband to be promoted. This year, she directly asked her husband about this issue, and also mentioned the amount of bribes given to her superiors. However, he said it was useless because the boss didn’t need the money.

He hesitated for a moment, then asked her if he could go to the restaurant to have a meal with his boss. She thought that going with her husband to the restaurant to meet the boss was too simple, so she agreed.

A few days later, when he came home from work, he bought her a very beautiful dress. This is a dress she really likes but doesn’t dare to buy it because it’s too expensive. This is also the first time in 8 years of being husband and wife, he gave her a gift. She was very happy about that.

He asked her to dress quickly for him to see. She was also anxious to try on the dress. After wearing it, he looked at her for a long time and complimented her endlessly. At this time, she is a bit complacent, although her family is not well off, but if she knows how to dress up a little, she will certainly be as beautiful as other women. She is perhaps the proof of the saying “beauty for silk”.

She is also somewhat confident in her body, 1m7 tall, after giving birth, she keeps her figure pretty good, everyone has to admit that. On normal days, male colleagues in the company often tease her that she doesn’t look like a mother, while female colleagues are jealous of her slim figure.

However, what she did not expect was that this beauty caught the eye of her husband’s boss.

That night, her husband put his arm around her and said: “Tomorrow, I’ll wear the dress I bought to have dinner with my boss.” The more beautiful the wife, the more proud her husband is, so she happily agreed.

In the afternoon, he texted her to tell her to take a shower, change her dress, and around 8 pm he ran home to pick her up at the restaurant. She was taken by her husband to a private room in a 5-star hotel, the meal that day was only for 3 people. Her husband ordered a bottle of red wine for everyone to drink and offered her a glass. She said she didn’t like drinking, but then, respecting her boss, she drank 3 glasses. Her face began to heat up.

During the meal, this boss constantly praised her husband, saying that young people are talented, talented, and humble. When the food was served, he only ate a few pieces, even saying he was picky. She suggested inviting her boss over to her house to play and try the dishes she cooked. While talking, her husband got a phone call, so he asked her to go outside to listen, and told her to eat and talk comfortably with her boss.

As soon as her husband left, this boss got up and locked the door of the room and went to sit next to her, and poured her a full glass of wine. Repeatedly refused, she kept drinking continuously until she was drunk.

At this time, the boss took her hand and pulled the chair closer to her side. She felt very shy, so she withdrew her hand and stood up to move to the chair next to her. The boss reassured her that he just wanted to ask about her husband’s personality, whether he was suitable for a promotion or not.

This time, whether she wanted to or not, she couldn’t let go, because this person held her hand tightly. He asked her if she supported her husband’s work, and said she was an opportunity to help him get promoted. After saying that, he put his hand on her white thigh.

She protested, saying he was not allowed to do this and asked permission to leave first. As she approached the door, he shouted, “Go back.” She reluctantly stopped, he walked over and pulled her into his arms and said: “I am the one who decides whether your husband will be promoted to deputy director or not. You still don’t realize what your husband did today?”

At that time, she was very scared, not knowing what to do next. After drinking another glass of wine, she seemed to be in the arms of her husband’s boss. After that, she let him do whatever he wanted. An hour later, he helped her fix her clothes and hair. After exploring her tired body, he hugged her affectionately and offered her another drink. She finished the rest of the wine in one gulp.

He told her to call her husband to come pick her up. When her husband arrived, she put her head on the table, still dizzy from the alcohol, but still very awake. She told her husband to drive her home and pretend nothing happened. After this boss left, she laughed and cried, her husband came over and she slapped him hard. He stood still and endured the battle.

The next morning she and her husband went to work as usual, no one mentioned anything about last night. She became cold and despised her husband. She wondered if she would continue to prolong this marriage.

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