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Combining skirts with sandals, French women have 12 beautiful outfits

Chief sandals and skirts are both typical summer fashion items.

It’s just smart that when you combine these two items together, you will have a very beautiful and flying outfit. Before the attraction of one-piece skirt + sandal, French ladies cannot ignore this combo. And just revolved around two extremely popular items of the summer, French women Can also mix many pretty outfits. Therefore, if you want to wear a beautiful dress + sandal without slipping any set in the summer, you should refer to the following 12 outfits of French ladies.

sandals - Photo 1.

This lilac purple wrap dress design has a magical age-hacking ability. The wrap dress model brings a highlight to the wearer, but is equally elegant and romantic. Thanks to the appearance of accessories such as mesh bags and lace-up sandals, this dress set is even more eye-catching.

sandals - Photo 2.

Combo of gingham pattern two-piece shirt and silk skirt, lace border helps the wearer have an extremely sexy look, and still has something sweet and young. Sandals with beige tones match perfectly with the overall outfit. Not to mention, the beige sandal, streamlined design also gives the effect of pulling the leg, hacking the wonderful shape.

sandals - Photo 3.

Simple black dresses are always appreciated for elegance and sophistication. This light hugging dress also emphasizes the seductive curves of the wearer. In order not to get lost with the nobility and elegance of the dress, the French lady above was very wise when wearing a pair of thin strapless black sandals with the outfit.

sandals - Photo 4.

The black tank top and floral skirt seem unrelated, but when combined, you will get a very liberal, sexy and equally gentle and beautiful outfit. The thin strap sandals “fit in” perfectly with the overall outfit, helping the wearer to “cheat” their height effectively.

sandals - Photo 5.

The slit details of this skirt model are extremely “expensive”, because of the long-lasting effect of stretching the legs. The horizontal strap sandals, with white tones, play the role of ensuring a delicate look, mixed with a youthful, true summer quality for the outfit. The French lady above is also very skillful when wearing a gold chain. This item has helped increase the look of luxury and elegance for the outfit.

sandals - Photo 6.

The dress is very colorful, but the dress above is only beautiful and luxurious, but not flashy at all. To balance the outfit set, instead of choosing accessories with vibrant tones, the lady above emphasized sedge bags and sandals with neutral tones. As a result, the outfit set looks very harmonious and consistent.

sandals - Photo 7.

This outfit consisting of a tank top + shirt + denim skirt and high heel sandal exudes youthfulness and personality. Of course, thanks to the slim-fit denim skirt, the outfit also scores in sweetness. The denim blue and brown tones of the set are an important highlight, creating a luxurious and sophisticated look for the wearer.

sandals - Photo 8.

The polka dot skirt is a classic item that women should try. When combined with a light-colored shirt, tied with a flap, the wearer gets a fresh and luxurious outfit. The horizontal strap sandals, with black tones, are the perfect choice for the whole outfit.

sandals - Photo 9.

Want to dress your shirt in a classy way? Ladies, choose the version with a slim fit, then combine it with a handbag and sandal in camel tones. This outfit set is very suitable for evening outings, or parties.

sandals - Photo 10.

With simple items such as a plaid shirt and black skirt, the French lady above can easily get a trendy and feminine outfit. Thanks to the thin strappy sandals and the sedge bag, the overall outfit is even more stylish without trying.

sandals - Photo 11.

Even when wearing a very minimalist combo of a T-shirt + a pure black skirt, you will still have an impressive look, just by pressing a pair of lace-up sandals.

sandals - Photo 12.

The bright orange sandals created a prominent highlight for the patterned two-string dress. Outfit is more glittery thanks to small but martial accessories such as necklaces, basic round earrings.

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