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Don’t buy an Apple Watch without owning an iPhone

You’ll need an iPhone to start using Apple Watch

Can’t set up Apple Watch without using iPhone. The watch must be paired with an iPhone in order to link the Apple ID. You cannot use an iPad to complete this procedure; it must be iPhone 6s or later, running on iOS 15 or later.

You can’t use an Android device to set up Apple Watch. This watch is designed to be an iPhone companion.

After you set up your Apple Watch with a cellular network, you can do many of the things you normally rely on iPhone for, such as receive text messages, receive calls, and access functions that depend on the Internet. However, this is not recommended as the power on your watch is drained when using mobile data.

Things you can do without an iPhone

Some functions are independent of iPhone, especially related to health and exercise. While wearing your Apple Watch, your steps and activity calories will be counted, which means you can work to fill your Move, Exercise, and Stand hoops with or without your iPhone.

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Your watch will continue to monitor and record your heart rate, and you can measure your heart rate with the Heart app or perform an echocardiogram with the ECG app. You can use this device to alarm and timer your Watch, or play music stored on your Watch (with headphones paired).

You can also pay for items with Apple Pay or use a card stored in Apple Wallet that’s already on your Watch. Apps like Voice Memos, Photos, Calendar, and Noise will continue to work as expected.

Don’t buy an Apple Watch unless you have an iPhone

If you don’t own an iPhone, the Apple Watch might not be for you. Even if you use another family member’s iPhone to set up the device, this isn’t ideal because Apple Watch is designed to work with the device and your personal Apple ID. For example, you’ll want to save your own health data to your own account.

Instead, check out the alternative smartwatches available to you. If you have an Android device, the other options offer a better experience than the Apple Watch alone.

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