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Dozens of teenagers chased and slashed each other, throwing petrol bombs in a riot in Thu Duc

The initial cause of the scuffle and the throwing of petrol bombs came from conflicts among middle school students. After that, this group gathered, inciting each other to drag the gang to solve.


The Criminal Police Team – Thu Duc City Police (HCMC) coordinated with the Police of Long Thanh My ward to summon and invite dozens of teenagers to gather to fight and throw petrol bombs, causing an uproar. in the area recently.

According to the clip shared on social networks, at 19:30 on the evening of May 16 at Phuoc Thien Street, Long Thanh My Ward, there were about 20 teenagers riding on many motorbikes, carrying various weapons to chase each other. They threw petrol bombs on the road, causing many people to panic.

The scene showed a group of teenagers holding weapons and slashing at motorbikes. The incident caused many passersby to panic, having to find a hiding place to avoid being infected.

A witness who is also injured in the incident is Mr. Do Dinh M. (30 years old) recounted, around 19:30 pm, he drove a bloodied vehicle carrying his younger brother, Do Van T. (16 years old) home from work. When he arrived in front of the house on Phuoc Thien street, he was stabbed in the back by two young men. The impact caused four people to fall to the road.

At that time, Mr. M. was unconscious on the spot, and T. suffered severe facial injuries. The other two young men abandoned the car and ran into a nearby house to hide. According to Mr. M., these two were chased from behind by a group of dozens of teenagers holding weapons.

The group of subjects failed to kill people, so they used a strong weapon to slash at the motorbikes of two young men. They threw burning petrol bombs on the road, causing an uproar.

After causing panic and commotion in an area, a group of dozens of teenagers pulled away on many motorbikes.

Immediately after the incident, local police stepped in and extracted security camera images to identify the teenagers involved.

On May 17, Thu Duc City Police invited nearly 10 teenagers to work. According to the police, the cause of the incident was the conflict between middle school students, which the teenagers lured and persuaded dozens of people to carry weapons and prepare petrol bombs to solve.

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