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Elon Musk postpones buying Twitter: The historic “turn of the wheel”

The online community happily calls this a historic “turn of the wheel”. So in the end, buy or not buy?

Procrastination can kill a love. And the procrastination of billionaires Elon Musk caused Twitter shares to sink to the bottom faster than a shipwreck. Immediately after Elon Musk’s spinning tweet, Twitter stock lost 20% of its value and after recovering it still lost nearly 10%. So what is the reason for this “spinning”?

“Elon Musk is simply going through a review before officially going down. When announcing the acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk also made very clear conditions that he wants this social network to have many talents. more official accounts and have to delete virtual accounts. Just like when you buy a used car, you have to know the exact number of kilometers before you can safely jump into the driver’s seat,” said James Sweeney, reporter. DW channel finance officer in New York, said.

Elon Musk postpones buying Twitter: The historic

Over the weekend, billionaire Elon Musk suddenly announced that he was “not in a hurry to buy Twitter”. (Photo: Reuters)

According to the site’s analysis CNBC, Elon Musk seems to be playing a trick of “squeezing” Twitter before buying. After two tweets from Musk, Twitter’s market value from the original $ 44 billion has dropped to $ 35 billion. Some even think that this is Elon Musk’s plan to postpone the military and there will be no more trading in the future.

“It seems that Elon Musk is trying to get out of this deal, but information about fake Twitter accounts has been published by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for many years. Elon Musk can’t help but know.” Ms. Sara Silver, Professor of Financial Journalism at Quinnipac University, USA, commented.

If Elon Musk really “turns the car”, then the fine he has to pay is $ 1 billion, nothing compared to a fortune of more than $ 200 billion. Even when the deal fell through, it seemed that Elon Musk still gained more than he lost.

“Elon Musk was able to borrow the reputation of this deal to sell some of his Tesla shares at a good price. Before that, Elon Musk relied on twitter to build his personal image as an enterprising billionaire. doing and thereby enhancing the reputation of Tesla company”, said Ms. Sara Silver, Professor of Financial Journalism at Quinnipac University, USA.

On the Twitter side, the company has almost no choice but to negotiate with Elon Musk. If it intends to sue Elon Musk for canceling the deal, Twitter will also have to bear a lot of litigation fees and it will not be possible to avoid turmoil within the company when in the short term, two directors have left the management chair. of Twitter.

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