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English teacher accused of beating and cursing students as usual

The Department of Education and Training (GD-Training) of Chau Duc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province has directed the verification and clarification of information that an English teacher at a secondary school in the area was “accused” of regularly hitting , insulting students during class time.

Today (May 17), exchange with PV VietNamNetMr. Tran Thanh – Principal of Quang Trung Secondary School (Nghia Thanh Commune, Chau Duc District) said that the school is still handling the case that the NTKL teacher (English teacher) was accused of beating and insulting students. during class time.

“The case has been grasped by the school since the beginning of April until now, the school has already taken 5-6 steps and is still working on it, because the students are too impatient to solve the problem. The superiors finished talking about providing information to the press, now they can’t provide any data!”, Mr. Thanh answered by phone.

Regarding the content of the article posted on social networks, Mr. Thanh said that it is not true of the nature of the incident, since April 5, the school has received feedback and is handling it until now.

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The content of the article and short clip was posted on social networks. Photo: QH

Before that, on the social network Facebook spread the article of the account “Khang Nguyen” with the content “accusing” of the designer’s name, repeatedly beating and insulting students during class. Attached is a short video recording a scene where a female teacher repeatedly hit a student with a wooden stick.

The article, after being published for a few hours, has attracted hundreds of comments, shares and emotions. Some people expressed frustration at the work of Ms. L. according to the content of the posted information, while some expressed doubts about the objectivity of the article.

According to this account posted, Ms. L often insults students in grade 9 during class with harsh words.

“She’s a teacher who uses vulgar and offensive language to curse at us… she sounds like a marketer and is very stressed when she’s afraid of doing homework, she gets scolded for minor mistakes, gets beaten up when she’s heavy, but she skips a lot. The only time I hit her hard once, I was so scared, so scared that some friends had to hide from her class,” the accuser wrote.

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The scene where the female teacher is said to be Ms. L. hit the students with a wooden stick. Image cut from clip

Also according to this account, in addition to hitting and insulting students, Ms. L. is also unfair in grading students who do not attend extra classes.

At the end of the article, this account said that it has been more than a month since it sent a letter and petition to the school principal to change the English teacher, but it has not been resolved.

“We are about to graduate, so at first we were afraid that it might affect our graduation, but now we are so frustrated that we can’t stand it… We want every day to go to school to be a happy day, especially the last days of high school.” .

Regarding the above incident, talking to VietNamNet, Mr. Le Thanh Kinh – Head of Education and Training Department of Chau Duc district said that he had directed the relevant units of the department to verify the content and assigned the deputy head of the division on duty. Continue working, check to clarify.

On the same day, Chau Duc District People’s Committee also directed the district Department of Education and Training to quickly verify and check the above incident and report it to the district.

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