Finnish parliament votes to approve NATO membership plan

According to RTthe vote took place after the foreign affairs committee of the Finnish parliament proposed a plan to join the NATO military alliance to deal with security threats from Russia, especially after Moscow opened war Special military service in Ukraine.

With 188 out of 200 MPs in favor and 8 against, the proposal was quickly approved by the Finnish Parliament.

Finnish parliament votes on plan to join NATO - 1

Finland’s parliament approved the plan to join NATO with overwhelming votes. (Photo: Reuters)

Earlier, on the same day, in Sweden, Foreign Minister Ann Linde officially signed a proposal to join NATO. The two Nordic countries had previously decided to join NATO at the same time.

As for NATO, this military alliance is committed to accelerating the admission of both Nordic countries, citing that Sweden and Finland are partners with a strategic role for the future of NATO and the alliance. The two countries’ close links to the alliance’s military infrastructure. Other European countries typically take years to finalize all required defense reform changes after receiving the Membership Action Plan.

However, if all NATO member states accept it, then Finland and Sweden can officially become part of the alliance, but Turkey says it may not agree to Finland and Sweden joining the alliance. joined NATO because of sanctions against Ankara, and accused the two countries of being the home of Kurdish “terrorist organizations”.

Meanwhile Russia warned that Finland and Sweden made the mistake of going against their traditions of non-alignment. Moscow said the national security of the two Nordic countries would be damaged instead of enhanced after this move, because Russia will have to readjust its forces in the northern part of the country.

Russia has always viewed NATO as a “hostile instrument” in Washington’s foreign policy and blamed the alliance’s uncontrolled expansion in Europe for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. .

Commenting on this, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO is just a geopolitical move to contain Russia.

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