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Former First Lady Melania Trump Talks About Returning To The White House

In the interview, Mrs. Melania talked about “NFT projects”. The former first lady of the United States designed and sold the irreplaceable tokens of her personal website, digital collections authenticated by blockchain (chain technology) as part of a work of digital art. “I think we’ve achieved a lot in the four years of the Trump administration,” Melania said in response Fox broadcast on the morning of 5/15. “Never say never,” she replied when asked if she would live in the White House again if her husband ran for re-election.

All of the products she is selling can only be purchased with digital currency, and the first series of products began selling earlier this year, but did not reach the $250,000 expected in the opening session.

Former First Lady Melania Trump talks about returning to the White House - Photo 1.

NFT’s most recent product is “MetaRose”, an animated blue rose. Modern-day first ladies have all founded non-profit foundations. Melania said part of the proceeds from the sale of the NFT will be used to support adoptions. Each NFT work is being sold for $150.

Melania also talked about how she was not featured on the cover of Vogue during her time in the White House as has been the tradition for decades. This tradition was revived this year when Vogue published a photo of first lady Jill Biden.

“They’re biased, they like one and don’t like the other, and that’s clear,” Melania said when asked why the magazine never focused on her as it did with other first ladies.

Melania also talked about the situation of America under President Joe Biden. “I think it’s sad to see what’s going on, if you really look inside. I think there’s a lot of people struggling and what’s going on around the world. It’s sad to see that and I hope the situation changes quickly,” she said.

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