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FPT Smart Home launches a set of smart touch switches 2022

The touch switch set, designed from tempered glass, integrated with many technologies, suitable for modern spaces was launched on the market by FPT Smart Home on May 17.

The Athena touch switch collection offers 4 models of switches from one to 4 buttons, symmetrically arranged on two types of square and rectangular sizes, meeting the needs of use in many locations in the family space. .

In the new version, the touch switch in the Athena collection is equipped with tempered glass, which helps prevent scratches and fingerprints. The switch surface is ground concave at the buttons as well help users operate more smoothly. The touch buttons are also integrated with LED display. As a result, users can position the switch even in the dark or in low light conditions more accurately and easily. This is one of the design points that make the Athena switch stand out more than its predecessor.

Touch switch design with tempered glass, ensuring aesthetics.  Photo: FPT

Touch switch design with tempered glass, ensuring aesthetics. Image: FPT Smart Home

In addition, the smart touch switches in the Athena collection are designed with metal edges, edges and two colors to help create accents for the space.

Not only does the interface change, the touch part is also integrated by the manufacturer in the buttons with high sensitivity, just a light touch can control turning on and off lights or other electrical devices.

Athena touch switch is suitable for modern living space.  Photo: FPT

Athena touch switch is suitable for modern living space. Image: FPT Smart Home

Users can also control the device remotely, start pre-set scenarios, or schedule activities… Through the central processor of FPT Smart Home, users can also control with Vietnamese and English voices when using home devices.

The product is also invested in upgrading more anti-interference components for the board to meet devices with inductive loads such as: ceiling fans, exhaust fans… The maximum load capacity of a channel is also doubled compared to that of other devices. with the old version. Equipment is also equipped Latest technology Bluetooth Mesh controller chip, for better device connectivity, with longer distance.

All touch switch products of FPT Smart Home are IP44 standard, moisture-proof and dust-proof to help protect the board, bringing peace of mind to users.

Products belonging to the Athena collection of FPT Smart Home.  Photo: FPT

Products of the Athena collection of FPT Smart Home. Image: FPT Smart Home

In addition to touch switches, the Athena 2022 collection also has product lines such as: high-power touch switches, curtain touch switches, glass wall sockets, landscape switches…

FPT Smart Home also pays special attention to the use of explosion-proof materials for the collection, helping to ensure safety during use. to limit the situation of electric leakage, electric shock causing danger.

Hoai Phuong

FPT Smart Home is a “made in Vietnam” solution developed by FPT Telecom that owns many technologies from equipment, internet infrastructure, and cloud system located at the Data Center that meets the Tier 3 design standards of Uptime Institute…

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