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France has its first female Prime Minister in more than three decades

Mrs. Elisabeth Borne. Photo: Reuters

Elisabeth Borne is the first woman to hold the post of prime minister since 1992.

In her speech, Ms. Borne mentioned a number of upcoming policy priorities, such as trade or climate change. In addition, she also wants to inspire all girls to live their dreams.

The first female prime minister of France was Edith Cresson, who held office from May 1991 to April 1992 under former President Francois Mitterrand. Ms Cresson said Prime Minister Borne was “remarkable with great experience in the public and private sectors”.

Borne, 61, is considered a capable technocrat and can negotiate carefully with unions as President Macron begins a new set of social reforms, including raising the retirement age. retirement, a decision that threatens to spark protests.

Earlier, French Prime Minister Jean Castex submitted his resignation to President Emmanuel Macron. Mr Castex’s move paved the way for a long-awaited cabinet reshuffle by President Macron, who after his re-election in April said the new government should be more “centralised”, with fewer ministers.

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