From June 1, fines for cars without automatic toll tags on Hanoi highways

Mr. Nguyen Van Huyen, Director of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, said that up to now, the legal conditions, infrastructure, all signs have complied with technical regulations. . Vehicles that are not eligible when moving on the route can stick their cards right at the station or if they don’t want to join the expressway in the form of automatic toll collection without stopping, they can return to circulation on national highways. old 5 and national highway 38.

“Unqualified vehicles intentionally entering the station will be sanctioned in accordance with Decree 100 and Decision 19 of the Prime Minister”, Mr. Huyen said and suggested drivers and vehicle owners to comply well with the toll collection. automatically does not stop.

According to Huyen, automatic toll collection without stopping is a civilized form of toll collection, minimizing environmental pollution, convenient for all drivers and vehicle owners as well as creating conditions for state management agencies to implement. supervise the revenue of the investors of BOT projects.

The Directorate for Roads has directed to review and handle technical errors of the non-stop electronic toll collection system on the route to have a plan to deal with them before piloting. In order to have a backup plan for the transmission line, the General Department has directed the management unit of the expressway, the Vietnam Infrastructure Development and Financial Investment Corporation (VIDIFI), to survey and deploy the project transmission line. The room ensures redundancy and safe and smooth data transmission in case of problems with current transmission lines.

“The piloting of ETC toll collection only on the Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway is a premise to expand to other expressways in the near future. During the pilot implementation, if congestion occurs at first, congestion occurs. If the traffic jams are prolonged, in force majeure situations, the investor has the full right to discharge the station to free up traffic. These situations and options are already included in the contract signed on the financial plan,” Mr. Huyen said.

Decree No. 123/2021/ND-CP of the Government (issued on December 28, 2021, effective from January 1, 2022) stipulates that vehicle drivers are not eligible to collect tolls in accordance with the law. ETC mode to enter the dedicated lane to collect tolls in the form of ETC at toll stations will be fined from 1 to 2 million VND. Vehicles that are not eligible include: Vehicles without a terminal tag (vehicle that has not been affixed with an ETC toll card) or a vehicle with an ETC toll card stamped with insufficient funds in the toll collection account to pay when crossing the toll lane. .

In addition, driving in the wrong lane at ETC lanes at toll stations will also be subject to an additional penalty of deprivation of the right to use a driver’s license from 1 to 3 months.

According to Ngoc Mai

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