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Honda faces production of scooters will decrease by 73% in May

According to Honda’s business results announcement In April, Wave Alpha became its best-selling motorcycle model in Vietnam with a total of 35,597 units sold, accounting for 19.3% of Honda’s total motorcycle sales. Sales were up 23.5% month-on-month but still 6.9% lower than in the same period last year.

Honda faces the production of manual cars will decrease by 73% in May - Photo 1.

Wave Alpha best-selling among Honda cars in April.

Sales of the best-selling scooter model of the month (usually Vision ) were not announced in the past month. Meanwhile, Winner X belonging to the manual clutch car line decreased in sales with only 8,414 units sold, down 25.4% compared to the previous month. However, this model did not have much impact on Honda’s total number of motorbikes sold in Vietnam with a total of 184,684 units, up 2.1% compared to March but down 3.4% over the same period last year. last. In total, in the first 4 months of the year, Honda sold 776,872 units, continuing to lead the Vietnamese market.

It can be seen that, from the Lunar New Year until now, the sales of Wave Alpha cars in particular and the total number of Honda motorcycles in general are on an uptrend compared to before, with an increase for the low-cost digital model alone. above 23%. However, this is likely to stop next month when the number of motorbikes of the company is expected to drop sharply next month.

According to the announcement, due to the influence of economic – political fluctuations and the crisis of semiconductor chip shortage, since the beginning of April, HVN has faced a decrease in the output of locally assembled scooters, and at the same time It is expected that the output of these models in May will decrease by 73% compared to the original plan. Therefore, the company’s motorbike sales will be greatly affected because scooters account for a large proportion.

Honda faces that the production of manual cars will decrease by 73% in May - Photo 2.

Sales of Honda motorcycles and cars in April.

In fact, over the past time, consecutive scooter models, especially Vision, have been in short supply at dealers. Customers who want to receive the car soon have to spend a few million more to more than 10 million. It is expected that this difference will continue in the coming months until the shortage of components is resolved.

In the auto business segment, Honda Vietnam achieved great success in the month with the City model topping the sales chart in April with sales of 3,013 units, while the CR-V also ranked 4th on the list. and rose to the top of the segment with sales of 2,093 units.

This is the result of these models having a large inventory in the situation that automakers are in short supply of cars to deliver to customers while Honda also launched a number of incentives along with a 50% fee support. registration is still valid for last April.

Accordingly, HVN achieved a total sales of 6,100 cars sold, up 69.3% over the previous month and also up 216.2% over the same period last year.

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