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HOSE publishes stock trading data from the afternoon of May 17

Ms. Nguyen Thi Viet Ha – In charge of the Board of Directors of HOSE said that right this afternoon (May 17), HOSE will announce information at the end of the trading day about the total volume and total value of purchases. self-trading for each stock ticker.

On the side of the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX), a representative of this department said that HNX is currently trying to implement work to publish proprietary trading data under the direction of the State Securities Commission. country.

“HNX needs more time to prepare technically, because this data has not previously been separated by the Department; however, all work is being implemented urgently and HNX will certainly announce to ensure the deadline. assigned by the State Securities Commission (May 23)”, a leader of HNX informed.

Previously, with the approval of the leadership of the Ministry of Finance, the State Securities Commission had written a request to the Vietnam Stock Exchange (VNX) to direct HOSE and HNX to disclose information at the end of the trading day. total volume and total value of self-trading buying and selling transactions for each securities code.

Also in this document, the State Securities Commission directs HOSE and HNX to require listing organizations and organizations to register for trading within 24 hours from the time the share price rises to the ceiling or drops to the floor from 5 consecutive sessions. continue to report and disclose information related to the company that affects stock price movements. The Stock Exchange concurrently publishes the content of the explanation report of the listing organization/organization registered for trading on the Department’s website.

The State Securities Commission recommends that the Stock Exchanges organize the implementation of the above solutions before May 23, 2022.

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