HOSE record profit of 2,500 billion dong in 2021

Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. Ho Chi Minh City (HOSE) said that in 2021, this unit recorded a revenue of up to VND 3,237.1 billion, 3 times higher than the implementation in 2020 and reached 187% of the set plan.

In which, revenue from professional activities accounted for 92.23%, reaching more than 2,985 billion VND, doubled over the same period last year. Besides, revenue from service provision of HOSE reached 110.7 billion dong, up 30.87%. In the opposite direction, HOSE’s financial income in 2021 tended to decrease, reaching VND 51.3 billion.

Total expenses accounted for by HOSE in the period was at VND 701.3 billion, nearly doubling compared to the same period in 2020. Of which, mainly market monitoring costs accounted for 70.6%. It is known that this is a cost that fluctuates proportionally to the revenue from securities trading activities.

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Last year, the VN-Index many times set new historical peaks, successfully conquering the threshold of 1,500 points – the highest level in 21 years of operation of the stock market.

Not only reaching the top of the fastest growing market in terms of indexes, the liquidity of the Vietnamese stock market has also improved, with many indexes increasing by times compared to 2020.

Specifically, the average daily trading volume on HOSE in 2021 reached 766.75 million units, up 118% over the previous year. Similarly, the average daily trading value on HOSE also tripled to 21,997 billion dong.

Notably, the total amount of capital that listed companies mobilized through the issuance of additional shares during the year on this exchange reached VND 49,605 billion, up 5 times in value compared to 2020.

In the context of the exciting stock market, in 2021, HOSE reported a profit before tax of 2,536 billion dong, up 267% over the same period last year. This is also a record high profit in the history of this unit, far exceeding the planned profit before tax of VND 648 billion.

This unit is currently testing the odd-lot trading system with the expectation that it will be deployed as early as June 2022. Along with that, a new information technology system for the entire stock market (KRX) is also expected by investors to be put into operation soon by HOSE.

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