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How do Asian stars take care of their skin?-Beauty

Monday, May 16, 2022 12:44 PM (GMT+7)

Gong Loi and Duong Tu Quynh are both highly conscious of their skin. These beauties always maintain their skin in top condition.

For most celebrities, taking care of their looks is part of their job. Although they may have access to the best estheticians, skin care products and cosmetic procedures, many of them still have practical beauty regimens that anyone can. practice.

Here is how famous Asian stars over 40 years old have aged gracefully with their own secret.

‎Actor Ha Ji-won is passionate about moisturizing

Ha Ji-won, who has starred in popular Korean dramas like Secret Garden and Hospital Ship, has a simple skin care rule she adheres to every day: moisturize. This is a must-do in both her morning and evening skincare routine to ensure that her skin stays hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

How do Asian stars take care of their skin?  - first

Actor Ha Ji-won.

As for us, whether oily or combination skin, follow the rule of moisturizing at least twice a day to restore moisture that may be lost in the process of washing our face. The 44-year-old Korean actress also recommends leaving facial moisturizers steam at your desk. This will help you stay awake and have youthful skin.

Lee Young-ae takes care of her skin by worshiping homemade masks

51-year-old actress Lee Young-ae has always been known for her supple, youthful skin, especially when she appeared in Korean dramas such as Jewel in the Palace and Fireworks. Her skin care tips are perfect for those who are looking for great skin at an affordable cost. Lee Young-ae once shared about effective and affordable homemade masks.

How do Asian stars take care of their skin?  - 2

Actor Lee Young-ae.

All you have to do is put some honey and egg whites in a bowl, mix the mixture well and apply it on your skin for about 10 to 15 minutes. Honey has the effect of treating acne and blemishes caused by acne, egg white helps to shrink pores and tighten skin, so that your skin is always radiant and smooth.

Luu Gia Linh is ‘addicted’ to exercise

The 55-year-old actress credits her great skin with exercise. She revealed that she usually jogs and lifts weights from Monday to Friday, resting on weekends. This may explain why Carina Lau also has a great body.

How do Asian stars take care of their skin?  - 3

Actor Liu Jialing.

Gong Li sleeps a lot to care for his skin and keep it young

The famous actress will turn 57 years old in December of this year. In media appearances, she once said that her skin looks very youthful due to sleeping a lot.

In addition, the Chinese actress has also become the face of many famous cosmetic brands in Asia since 1996, especially the anti-aging product line. skin care that she receives from these brands.

How do Asian stars take care of their skin?  - 4

Actor Gong Loi.

Chau Hue Man diligently massages the skin around the eyes

Chau Hue Man is 54 years old this year, she no longer appears much in the media, but every time this actress and singer appears in newspapers, netizens can’t help but whisper at her youthful appearance. Miss. Her secret is to massage the skin around the eyes every night with eye cream and collagen-boosting skin care products.

How do Asian stars take care of their skin?  - 5

Singer and actress Chau Hue Man.

Alyssa Chia loves morning jogs

Many people are surprised that Alyssa Chia, 47 years old, still looks radiant and beautiful despite taking care of 2 small children. The actress loves to use face masks and oils, which are said to have an intensive skin care effect and easily fit into her busy schedule.

Alyssa Chia said, she tries to wake up earlier to go for a morning jog to stay healthy, which also helps her skin to be healthier and younger.

How do Asian stars take care of their skin?  - 6

Actress Alyssa Chia.

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