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How much does it cost to climb Everest?

CategoryPrice (in USD)NoteClimbing permit from Nepal government11,000 won No refund.License fee400 This fee the government collects $2,500 for a group climbing Everest. Everyone will split the money to pay. Usually a group of 6 tourists climbs at the same time. If you go in a smaller group, you will have to pay a higher fee.Fees for Nepalese government employees assisting climbers500

This fee is fixed by the government at $3,000 per group. The amount is divided equally among the people in the group (usually 6 people).

Each climbing group will have a government official to communicate the situation. This person will stay at the base camp, keeping in touch and supporting the climbers.

Nepal visa fee100 This type of visa is more expensive than a regular one-month visa. Climbers definitely need this kind of document.Garbage fee650 This amount is sometimes partially or fully refunded if the team does not leave any waste or garbage on the mountain, especially at Base Camp.Personal climbing gear6,000 won Including sleeping bags, boots, protective gear… These items can be spent more money, or less. This is the average price.Flight tickets to Nepal1,500 yen Airfare depends on time, airline and departure place. If flying round-trip from Vietnam, fares from 1,500 USD, including checked baggage.Hotel500 Hotels in Kathmandu for travelers to rest at the beginning and end of the trip.Flight tickets to and from the airport Lukla where to start conquering Everest350 You will not want to save this cost, because if trekking you need up to two weeks.Fees for transporting furniture and personal climbing equipment from Lukla to Base Camp600 Furniture is transported by porters and yaks.Food, water for cooking, drinking water…3,600 Full time climbing.Personal Tent400 This tent allows you to lie down comfortably.Fees for support and health treatment for climbers100 Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic is a project of the American Himalayan Rescue Association, which aims to provide medical assistance to mountaineers.Wire repair fee750 Pay the sherpas and staff to fix 3,000 meters of rope in the mountains.Oxygen5,000 won Includes 10 oxygen tanks, 6 for climbers and 4 for sherpasOxygen masks and regulators2,000 won One set for climbers and one set for sherpa. This item is for rent.Air tank shipping fee1,000 yen Tent on the mountain3,000 won Tents in Camps 1, 2, 3, 4 and cooking tents, toilet tents.Hire a sherpa to transport things3,000 won These Sherpas assist in transporting supplies up and down the mountain. Set up camp, set up tent and set up camp.Hire a cook2,000 won Sherpa comes along5,000 won Sherpa accompanies youGuide/tour guide6,000 won This includes license fees ($11,000), oxygen tanks, food, transportation, and equipment costs for your guide. They are roughly understood as the group leader or guide for your delegation. This total is usually $36,000, divided equally among 6 people in the group.Mountain cleaning fee500 Remove all tents, bottles, equipment, and trash.Tips1,200 To all those who have supported you climbing the mountain.Total

55,150 USD

Extra cost (optional)Extra insurance for the climbing trip600In case your hike is cancelled.Health Insurance400Including the cost of relief from Base Camp.Cash1,000 yenBase Camp sells snacks and souvenirs. You can use up to money.Total extra cost2,000 USD
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