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Israel refuses to supply cruise missiles to Ukraine

May 17, 2022 09:30 GMT+7

Recently, Israel denied supplying Blue Spear anti-ship cruise missiles to Ukraine through Estonia.

According to Israel’s Jerusalem Post, despite the media coverage of Israel’s delivery of Blue Spear cruise missiles to Ukraine, designed to destroy naval targets, and Estonia’s confirmation arms to Ukraine. After that, Israel suddenly denied these reports and noted that the supply of anti-ship missiles to Ukraine had not been made.

“The Israeli Ministry of Defense on Saturday (May 14) denied a false report that it agreed to Estonia’s request to equip Ukraine with the Blue Spear (5G SSM) anti-ship missile system. )”, the Jerusalem Post said.

Israel refuses to supply cruise missiles to Ukraine
The Blue Spear system allows rockets to be launched at high speeds below the sonic threshold from shore launchers. (Photo: Jerusalem Post)

Ukrainian journalist Rostyslav Demchuk reports that Estonia, which purchased an unspecified number of Blue Spear systems from Israeli manufacturer Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in October 2021, has asked Israel for permission to deliver one of the systems. this system for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, Mr. Demchuk said that Israel complied with the request of the Baltic state, in the end both Estonia and Israel denied this information.

In addition, Estonian Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets officially stated that Israel would not interfere with the supply of weapons that the country had previously sold to the Estonian army to Ukraine.

According to experts, this raises some questions about which official data is suggested to be reliable.

Earlier, a few days after the outbreak of war with Russia, Ukraine’s proposal to supply arms was sent to Israel, but Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s administration did not respond, but was only willing to mediate between the two countries. two countries.

Accordingly, Israel has been trying to maintain a neutral position since Russia launched a military campaign in Ukraine in late February, when Prime Minister Bennett emphasized Israel’s close ties with both Moscow and Kiev. In particular, Mr. Bennett sought to maintain cooperation with Russia on Israeli attacks in Syria, where Russian forces are located.

So far, Israel has refused Ukraine’s request for military assistance, instead providing bulletproof vests and helmets for medical staff, as well as a field hospital.

At the same time, Mr. Bennett has worked as a mediator and has been one of the few world leaders to meet Putin since Russia began its special military operation in Ukraine, when he arrived in Moscow in early March.

The Blue Spear Missile System (5G SSM) is an advanced weapon of the next generation surface-to-surface missile system, built on the basis of the Gabriel missile family, which has proven effective. battle on the battlefield.

The missile system is capable of striking a combination of anti-ship and land-based targets with flexibility, high penetrating ability, subsonic flight speed, and a range of 290 km.

The missile is equipped with modern radar search and target surveillance equipment, advanced weapon control system, allowing to detect, track and attack targets accurately.

The missile system operates in all extreme weather conditions. The missile is capable of striking out of range both mobile and stationary targets, providing both sea and land launch options.

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