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Laos faces the risk of gasoline shortage

According to media reports, many gas stations closed last week, forcing consumers to queue for hours to buy stocked fuel. Much of the gasoline consumed in Laos depends on imports from neighboring Thailand.
Laos faces the risk of gasoline shortage
Laotians buy gasoline at a gas station in the capital Vientiane. Photo: Pham Kien/VNA

Meanwhile, Thai Petroleum Company PTT Oil and Retail Business Pcl – which operates 53 gas stations in Laos – said it plans to distribute fuel as usual, but there may be “gap” “.

The Vientiane Times last week reported that the weakening kip, high inflation and unstable global oil market are making it difficult for fuel importers to meet the needs of the Lao population. The Lao government downplayed the situation, saying it was not to the extent of “a crisis.” However, the Lao government held an emergency meeting and asked the people to calm down.

Severe fuel crisis, Lao people queued up in front of petrol stations

Some areas in Laos have suffered from severe fuel shortages for the past several weeks, while some gas stations in the capital Vientiane by May 9 also began to run out of supplies.

In the context that Laos is facing an increasingly intense fuel crisis, people living in big cities like Vientiane have struggled to wait in long queues to buy fuel at petrol stations in recent days. .

According to AFP news agency, some areas of the country have suffered from severe fuel shortages for the past several weeks. By May 9, some gas stations in the capital Vientiane also began to run out of supplies.

Ms. Dara Khiosompon, manager of Settah Travel, said that her company is struggling to refuel the buses carrying tourists.

“Our driver drove to the first station, they had to wait a long time and then when it was their turn, the station ran out of gas. The driver then went to two other stations that also had no gas. It took us until the fourth station on the outskirts of the city to get gas,” she said.

According to Khiosompon, gas stations have now limited the maximum amount of petrol to 500,000 kip (about 900,000 VND), equivalent to less than 30 liters.

According to Laotian Times, while Vientiane started experiencing fuel shortages this week, Luang Namtha city in northern Laos has been facing a similar situation since late March.

According to this newspaper, Laos needs 120 million liters of fuel per month, but currently importers can only buy 20 million liters.

The Lao National Assembly has decided to cut gasoline tax from 31% to 16% while trying to find cheap fuel sources from Russia.

Government officials are also urging people to increase public transport and carpooling, while British Ambassador to Laos John Pearson said “this is the right time to buy a car.” electricity”.

(According to Ho Chi Minh City Law)

(According to VNA)

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Gasoline prices are likely to increase by more than 30,000 VND/literLeaders of some petroleum businesses said that in the next operating period (May 21), the domestic gasoline price is likely to exceed 30,000 VND/liter if the world oil price does not decrease.
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