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MEDLATEC’s on-site testing service to abroad

Pioneering new medical services

In the early 90s of the last century, most people had the habit of going to the hospital to see a doctor. Due to overcrowding at hospitals and clinics, waiting to get the examination number, waiting for the doctor to call in for consultation and examination was a very familiar image to people at that time.

Understanding the hardships and troubles of people going to the doctor, Dr. Nguyen Anh Tri is always concerned about utility services to serve the people.

In early 1996, Dr. Tri – a founding member of MEDLATEC (now Prof. Labor Hero Nguyen Anh Tri – Chairman of the Advisory Council, MEDLATEC General Hospital, a member of the XV National Assembly) was pioneer in convenient home sample collection service in Vietnam. This service was learned by him during his training period in Japan, he was trained in this field and found it to be a very useful service for society and the community.

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MEDLATEC’s on-site sampling service brings a convenient health check solution to people across the country.

This new service initially encountered many difficulties and skepticism of the people. However, during the journey of 26 years of construction and development, with the spirit of non-stop creativity, MEDLATEC’s on-site sampling service has brought a comprehensive and perfect health check solution to the people.

With the reliability of quality and services provided, the number of customers known and used to check and monitor their health periodically is increasing. Every year, this service is trusted by more than 2 million customers and is highly appreciated by management.

Speaking at the establishment anniversary of the unit, Prof. Nguyen Viet Tien – Former Deputy Minister of Health praised and highly appreciated the model of home testing service and fast and accurate test results that MEDLATEC is developing. declare. And hopefully MEDLATEC will make greater contributions to the health sector of Hanoi and the whole country to meet the people’s health care needs.

Elevate the brand, reach out to the international market

“Developing medical services is a cross-cutting activity, mainly of MEDLATEC, in which the core of development is testing, the main one is home testing” – Prof. Nguyen Anh Tri shared.

With that clear vision and direction, MEDLATEC now not only affirms the position of a modern Testing Center, a leading reliable medical examination and treatment address, or pioneers a convenient home sample collection service, but now the name of the unit will reach out to the international market.

Proof of the strong development is that the MEDLATEC Health Ecosystem is very diverse, including owning 01 general hospital, 04 polyclinics, 26 offices in Hanoi and 60 nationwide sample collection points. .

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MEDLATEC Healthcare ecosystem expands nationwide

In 2015, the unit opened its first branch in Bac Ninh, followed by MEDLATEC branches in Hai Phong, Bac Giang, Nghe An… After 8 years of promoting expansion and development in provinces and cities, “MEDLATEC road” ” is now green all over the country. In which, in May 2022 alone, the unit confirmed its growth when officially put into operation the 24th branch nationwide – MEDLATEC Binh Duong and MEDLATEC Dak Lak established a general clinic.

In particular, as part of this year’s development strategy, in addition to coverage in 63/63 provinces, MEDLATEC will initially approach and expand the market to Southeast Asia, first in Laos and Cambodia.

Building a brand from quality and value

The desire for people to enjoy the best and most convenient home health care services has prompted MEDLATEC to constantly improve and improve service quality.

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MEDLATEC will take many actions to bring customers the best experience when using the service

Dr. Nguyen Tri Anh – General Director of MED-GROUP shared: “In order to provide the quality at-home testing service as committed, we have and will continue to take drastic actions to bring customers the best experience. Specifically, improving professional qualifications and training employees according to the cultural standards of “MED people”; Applying digital technology to manage the test sample’s progress, perform digital signatures on test results; Apply ERP, CRM to management and customer care; Invest in modern technology and machinery for reliable test results.

According to Mr. Tri Anh, speed, accuracy and convenience are service values ​​that affirm quality and trust with customers. Especially, over time, service quality is constantly improved and improved, but for the benefit of customers, MEDLATEC’s test price is still the same as the listed price at the institute and the fee for two trips to sample and pay. National test results are only 10,000 VND/time. These are also the core values ​​that create the sustainable development of the prestigious brand MEDLATEC.

Welcome to the 24th facility of MEDLATEC Health System – the opening of MEDLATEC Binh Duong and MEDLATEC Dak Lak branches to establish a general clinic, join hands in community health care and on the occasion of the 31st SEA Games, from 10 From May 5 to 31, 2022, MEDLATEC offers free 10,000 tests to check liver enzymes (AST, ALT), blood fat (Cholesterol) for people nationwide.

At the same time, during the program period, after using the service of taking blood for home testing, customers will be given 01 free card including 02 services: abdominal ultrasound and result consultation. used at MEDLATEC’s system of hospitals and polyclinics nationwide.

For any information on contacting/booking a test, contact the call center: 1900 56 56 56.

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