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Men are “healthy in bed” thanks to being active and energetic?

From a medical point of view, experts said that this statement is not necessarily without scientific basis.

Talking to Dan Tri, MSc Phan Chi Thanh – Chief of the Office of the Training and Directing Center, National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, analyzed that human sexual activity is determined by hormonal substances. , of which the most important is testosterone.

Testosterone is an important hormone for men. Testosterone in men is produced mainly in the testicles (up to 95%) and to a small extent in the adrenal glands (about 4%).

The more active and active a man is, the

“It can be said that man’s bravery lies in the key to testosterone,” said Dr. Thanh.

However, testosterone is produced not only for sexual activity, but also for perfecting the basic health of men, including the organs of the circulatory, respiratory, urinary, skeletal, and nervous systems. and brain.

Dr. Thanh shared: “For those who practice sports a lot and the body has a lot of testosterone, it will be very muscular development, as well as very strong in physical health.”

Testosterone also circulates extensively in the brain. This whole amount of testosterone is considered a brain protector and helps people feel optimistic and fresh.

“For example, on days when testosterone levels in the body are high, men can feel very quick, cheerful, energetic and very productive. On the contrary, when testosterone levels are low, it can be caused by many factors. Due to different causes, the body will become lethargic and visibly sluggish,” said Dr. Thanh.

Therefore, Dr. Thanh said that the fact that men are always vivacious and active, they are likely to be good at “love stories”, which can be explained in this way.

According to this expert, when reaching a certain age, the amount of testosterone in the body will gradually decrease over the years. In perimenopausal women, menopause also occurs.

“Hormonal decline in addition to disrupting sex life, over time also leads to dementia, reduced agility and physical flexibility”, Dr. Thanh pointed out, “Thus, You can see that testosterone is a hormone that has a full impact from head to toe, not just intelligence and sex.”

Measures to increase testosterone in men

The more active and active a man is, the

According to Dr. Thanh, the most effective and safest method to increase testosterone in men is through maintaining a healthy scientific lifestyle, specifically:

Improve your diet

Poor diet is the leading reason for male fertility problems. Maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. In addition, add foods rich in zinc. This element will help improve testosterone levels, thereby improving sperm production and the overall quality of the sperm team. The increase in testosterone levels will increase libido and help men achieve more pleasure during sex.

Ensure quality sleep and increase exercise

Getting plenty of, high-quality sleep is important for a man’s sexual performance because testosterone levels increase during REM sleep. To sleep better, it is best to engage in intense exercise and work large muscle groups to improve male sex hormone levels.

Stay away from harmful substances

Men should limit the use of beer, alcohol, drugs and stay away from harmful chemicals, because this not only affects the body’s testosterone production, but also harms general health.

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