More passengers accused of being “priced” when booking a car at Tan Son Nhat airport

On May 18, after Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper published an article “Dr. Le Dang Doanh was “priced” when booking a car at Tan Son Nhat airport”, many readers complained about this situation often and expressed their concern. frustrated when landing at the airport, waiting to call a car to go home.

A series of comments from readers below the article was sent to the newspaper, with the same content as the frustration with the calculation of the contract car’s fare, even technology cars or traditional taxis have a bad situation of being close to or satisfied. negotiate outside prices instead of following the meter.

Sharing with reporters, many people said that calling a car home is a pain every time they go to Tan Son Nhat airport, especially for those who live near the airport. Ms. Huong (living in Tan Binh district) said that the situation of drivers refusing customers or “chopping off” is a daily thing, her house is right next to the airport and often cannot book a car.

“The driver heard the address and refused to drive, or if I climbed into the car, I would be nagged all the way, so I often had to walk a long distance to Truong Son Street to dare to call a car,” Huong said.

A few days ago, Mr. LBA (who lives in Go Vap district) was also negotiated for 250,000 VND / 2km ride with the explanation “only going by trip, not by meter”.

More passengers accused of being

Customers waiting to pick up the car at Tan Son Nhat airport. Photo: Thai Phuong

Reader D. Minh is frustrated that the problem of “talking all the time, talking forever” has not been solved yet. Minh went from the airport to Ta Quang Buu Street (District 8), a distance of more than 12km, but the contract car “screamed” for 400,000 VND. Seeing that the price was too high, he got into a taxi under the contract for 215,000 VND.

Notably, even with traditional taxis, many passengers also reported that they could not book a car when they knew that the customer was near. Ms. D. Dong (living in Go Vap district) said that she was often refused by the driver because she was close or had to pay “heavenly” prices if she went.

Suffering to pick up the car at the airport, many people showed each other the fastest way to get home. Ms. H. Thu (living in District 3) said that she had just had a flight to Tan Son Nhat and was informed by the driver of a fee of 400,000 VND for a distance of 6km. Seeing that the price was too unreasonable, she decided to take the bus at the airport for 12,000 VND.

More passengers accused of being

Passengers can catch the bus right in front of the domestic terminal area. Photo: Thu Hong

Buses are also a means of transport shared by many passengers in case they cannot call a car or motorbike. Mr. L.Nam (living in District 3) said that on the occasion of April 30, his family of 3 from Singapore took a flight to Tan Son Nhat. As soon as he got out of the station, he looked at the taxicab area and saw a queue of more than 30m long, but there was no taxi.

“Going back to the service counter, asking for a contract car, they were quoted 450,000 VND for a distance of about 7km, 3 times higher than usual. Seeing this is too unreasonable, my father and I decided to get on the bus to go home, all in total. 20,000 VND” – Mr. Nam recalls.

Mr. H. Nghi, who lives in Binh Thanh district, said that because he was so obsessed with the car-hailing service in Tan Son Nhat, every time he went on a business trip, he arranged to return before office hours to take the bus. However, currently the bus only runs during office hours, if it can be exploited more in the evening (peak hours), customers will use the service more.

“The business of service businesses has a large part of being jerks with 1,001 reasons, most of which are painful when discovered mistakes. It is such a business that has lost the image with tourists. domestic and foreign calendars, losing the image of the international airport” – reader V. Tam sent to the newspaper.

Previously, as reflected, on the morning of May 16, Dr. Le Dang Doanh had a business trip to Ho Chi Minh City and landed at Tan Son Nhat airport. After landing, Mr. Doanh called a contract car in the area in the domestic terminal hall to take him to the hotel on Hoang Van Thu street, where the meeting took place with a distance of about 3km for 180,000 VND.

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