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Mr. Trump must post on Truth Social before publishing on Twitter

Mr. Trump has the right to use Twitter if Elon Musk lifts the permanent ban on his account, but the former President must first post on Truth Social.

On May 10, billionaire Elon Musk announced that he would lift Twitter’s ban on former US President Donald Trump once the acquisition is completed. Previously, Trump’s Twitter account with more than 88 million followers was banned due to public safety concerns after the Capitol Hill riots took place on January 6.

Recently, according to SEC filings from Digital World Acquisition Corp, former President Donald Trump will “restrict a part of himself” on social networks, even if Elon Musk reopens his account.

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Accordingly, Mr. Trump will post on Truth Social (his own social network founded by him) and cannot publish the same content on any other social media site within 6 hours. After that time, he can repost content to all social media platforms to which he has access.

The 6-hour policy will greatly affect Trump’s use of Twitter if he is allowed to return to the platform under owner Elon Musk.

However, Mr. Trump is still free to use his personal social media account to post content related to messages, raise political funds or call for votes on any platform at any time. . This is to help Donald Trump in case he returns for re-election for President in 2024.

Mr. Trump once insisted that he would not return to Twitter if Elon Musk came to power and reopened his account. Currently, both of these things have not really happened, Mr. Trump seems to have wavering. The source said the former president remains attached to Truth Social, but is polling allies on whether he should join Twitter before potentially running for the White House in 2024.

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