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Orange County shooting suspect is a Chinese immigrant who hates Taiwanese

On May 17 (Vietnam time), US officials said the shooting at the Orange County church on May 15, leaving 1 dead, 4 seriously injured, was motivated by political tensions between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. .

The shooting suspect in Orange County is a Chinese immigrant who hates Taiwanese - photo 1

Suspect David Chou

Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Office Orange County announced the identity of the suspect in the church shooting in Laguna Woods (California) as David Chou, an immigrant China 68 years old, according to ABC News.

One person died and five were injured, four of them seriously, at the Presbyterian Evangelical church. All of the victims were elderly, between 66 and 92.

A group of churchgoers joined forces to restrain and tie up the suspect before the police arrived, and took two guns from him and prevented him from killing more people.

According to court documents, Chou faces one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder, and bail is set at $1 million.

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said the suspect locked the doors of the church and poured super glue on the locks to prevent people inside the church from getting out. Investigators found more ammunition and homemade petrol bombs hidden around the church.

FBI opened a federal investigation into an alleged hate crime over the Orange County shooting.

Chou is a Chinese-American who lives alone in Las Vegas (Nevada) and has a wife and children living in Taiwan.

Authorities believe the suspect began to hate Taiwanese while living on the island. Chou was angry because he did not feel accepted by Taiwanese society, and anti-Taiwan views were rejected.

Chou’s hatred reached its peak while the tension increased all around Taiwan Strait In recent years.

The shooting happened during a luncheon held at the church attended by the Taiwanese community in Southern California.

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