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People are ‘thirsty’ for land next to a trillion dong cement project ‘hanging’ for more than a decade

In January 2008, Nam Dong Cement Plant Project was granted a Certificate by TT-Hue Provincial People’s Committee to Nam Dong Viet Song Long Cement Investment Joint Stock Company. The project is deployed on an area of ​​more than 40 hectares of land in Nam Dong mountainous district with a capital of more than 4,400 billion VND.

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Nam Dong Cement Factory project was approved for investment with a capital of more than 4,400 billion VND

With a design capacity of 5,000 tons of clinker/day (equivalent to 1,800,000 tons of cement/year), this cement plant project has great significance in creating jobs, improving incomes, and developing the economy. – Social for Nam Dong mountainous district and TT-Hue province in the period 2006-2010.

On March 21, 2009, Nam Dong Viet Song Long Cement Investment Joint Stock Company organized the groundbreaking ceremony of Nam Dong Cement Factory in Thuong Quang Commune. At the groundbreaking ceremony, the investor pledged to strive to complete the project and launch the first Nam Dong cement product after 26 months from the date of commencement.

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After more than a decade of being granted an investment certificate, the project of more than 40 hectares still “stomped in place” and became a place to graze cattle.

However, until about June 2010, this project, after having invested about 163.5 billion VND for the drilling and exploration of quarries, additive mines, site clearance, construction of the operator house, etc., progressed. level of “stagnation” due to investors facing difficulties in capital.

The investor then asked the province to extend the schedule and expected to put the project into operation in the first quarter of 2016.

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While the project was not implemented and wasted, the people of Nam Dong mountainous district faced difficulties because of the lack of productive land

Meanwhile, on April 3, 2013, the Prime Minister issued Official Letter No. 485/TTg-KTN on reviewing and adjusting the progress of cement plant projects according to the planning, in which the project Nam Dong cement plant has been extended to the post-2015 period.

On August 28, 2014, the Prime Minister issued Official Letter No. 1592/TTg-KTN on the review of investment projects to build cement factories in the development planning of Vietnam’s cement industry. At that time, the Nam Dong Cement Factory project was one of the nine projects postponed for implementation (without a specific deadline).

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Many investment items were damaged and seriously degraded

By 2019, TT-Hue Provincial People’s Committee has submitted a report to the Prime Minister on the proposal to continue investing in the Nam Dong Cement Plant project.

On June 18, 2019, the Government Office issued Notice of Conclusion No. 212/TB-VPCP at a meeting with leaders of TT-Hue province.

The Government Office’s Notice of Conclusion states that TT-Hue province actively reviews the progress, selects investors with financial capacity, technology, environmental protection and ensures other necessary conditions. , report to the Prime Minister before continuing to implement the project in 2019.

However, after more than a decade, up to now, Nam Dong Cement Factory Project has actually only been implemented “on paper”‘ many housing items built by the investor to become a grazing point for families. livestock of local people.

People are “thirsty” for productive land

According to PV’s observations, at the moment, the Nam Dong Cement Plant Project headquarters is no different from a cattle ranch, the yard is flooded with cow dung.

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The entire project site is now a grazing ground

The entire executive house, front hall and garage, dozens of buffaloes are released by local people in the aisles and offices.

In the house, there is also a lot of grass, straw is gathered in the rooms and walkways to feed the buffaloes. Besides, the campus is also used by people as a place to dry manure to pack manure for sale.

Sharing with PV, Mr. Tran Oanh said that his family has 6,000m2 of residential land, garden land was recovered to implement the Nam Dong Cement Factory project.

According to Mr. Oanh, when the project was started, his family as well as households affected by the project were granted resettlement of about 2,000m2 of residential land and garden land.

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The executive house turns into a buffalo stable

However, the resettlement area is covered with soil and rocks taken from high mountains, so it can’t be cultivated. Fruit trees are grown for decades but always in a stunted state, drinking water is contaminated with alum…

“Due to the extreme poverty, some households have moved to live elsewhere. If the project does not continue to be implemented, I hope the State will return the land so that people can produce and stabilize their lives,” said Mr. Oanh.

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Sad that the project has been abandoned for many years, local people take advantage of grazing and short-term tree planting

Dinh Hong Lam – Chairman of Thuong Quang Commune People’s Committee said that due to “thirst” for productive land, when the project was “hanged”, a part of the land area of ​​more than 40 hectares of the project’s land was temporarily cultivated by people. to grow some short-term crops.

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Tons of cattle manure are packed, composted in packaging, gathered in the project area for sale

“In the past, when hearing that the project was about to be implemented, the authorities and people in the commune were very excited because they believed that the project would create jobs and contribute to socio-economic changes in the locality. .

Therefore, 40 households in villages 3 and 5 with hundreds of people have agreed to move their houses and gardens to the resettlement area to make way for the project.

However, more than a decade has passed, the project still has not been implemented, lying “immovable” while the local people lack of productive land, which has had great consequences on the social life of the locality. Mr. Lam said.

Information from leaders of the Department of Planning and Investment of TT-Hue province said that the unit is currently coordinating with other departments to work with investors to review relevant contents under the direction of the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister. Provincial People’s Committee to advise the appropriate handling plan.

Quang Thanh

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