Pham Ngoc Ha My’s dinosaur appearance when leaving VTV

“Being or preparing to be pregnant, pay special attention to eating and drinking, not everything can be put in your mouth…”, Ha My wrote.

1 year ago, information propose On Ha My’s plane – beautiful editor VTV and technology millionaire Hung Dinh used to make people talk and stir for a while.

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In addition to the popularity and excellence of the two main characters, another reason is because this “uncle – grandchild” couple has a 16-year age difference.

Not long ago, Ha My revealed that she had quit her job at VTV. Although very grateful for her time working at the station, 9X wants to challenge herself in the financial field.

The two are now eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child.

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Like many other mothers with milk, during pregnancy, the beauty of the Pham family gained significant weight. Ha My herself also had to lament on social networks.

“You may not know, now I have turned into a dinosaur – gained 10kg after 27 weeks of pregnancy. Even I have owned this weight since the beginning of March.

Many people may not care or know, but even if you are pregnant, you should not gain this much weight, at most after 9 months and 10 days of pregnancy, you should only gain about 15kg (that’s my advice). doctor with his condition).

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About 2 months ago, when I learned that I had gained so much weight, from the doctor to the PT to the people around me, everyone threatened me with all kinds of things like this:

‘At this rate, you’ll have to lay 1 quintal on the table!’.

‘You’ll end up with gestational diabetes anyway!’ (very harmful to baby and mother)

‘You can’t have a caesarean section this big!’,… Quite stressful.

But no baby… Ha My at that time knew how to be afraid and embarked on a healthy diet + gym weightlifting… Then the result was this…

Diaper mom has not gained any weight since week 17 until now (week 27). Baby at the end of week 25 weighs 870g, the doctor praises her long legs.

The results of the gestational diabetes test at 25 weeks were all within the standard range (even far from the maximum threshold – results image attached below).

Wherever you go, everyone compliments you on being pregnant, but you’re not fat, still pretty. Due to the low tolerance of starch and refined sugar, the skin is super smooth, without any acne called yes.

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Ha My works hard to maintain her shape even though she is pregnant.

It sounds light, but struggling with appetite is not easy, people, especially when pregnancy has many hormones, it rises, making us crave and absorb very strongly.

Anyone in Mey’s friendlist who is or is about to get pregnant, pay close attention to eating and drinking, not everything can be put in your mouth, the consequences are unpredictable.

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As it turned out, in order to keep her current weight, in addition to a healthy diet but not to gain weight, she also worked hard at sports. Look Ha My of the present, everyone expressed admiration.

They also hope that in the next few months, the former MC of VTV will be a mother and child.

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