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Promote the development of domestic e-commerce floor


According to the report of the National Committee on Digital Transformation, in 2021, worldwide revenue ecommerce (e-commerce) accounts for about 21% of total retail sales.

In Vietnam, in 2021, e-commerce revenue will account for about 6.5% of total retail sales. The potential for e-commerce growth in Vietnam is therefore huge, especially in rural areas.

However, foreign e-commerce floors dominate the Vietnamese market. 4/4 of the top e-commerce floors in Vietnam currently have foreign elements, of which 3/4 are controlled by foreign enterprises.

The National Committee on Digital Transformation believes that Vietnam needs to promote the Vietnamese e-commerce floor to avoid dependence. China and Japan are doing a great job at this when the e-commerce floors of these countries completely dominate the domestic market, reaching out to the region.

In the coming time, Vietnam’s development orientation is to develop e-commerce, agricultural and rural digital economy with the core being e-commerce floors of Vietnamese postal enterprises, namely Viettel Post and VNPost. Some localities such as Lang Son, Bac Giang … have implemented many good initiatives, bringing initial positive results.

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