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Revealing 11 items to improve your living room space

1. Grow plants in the room

A white and wood-toned room embellished with a green plant gives the element of nature, a splash of color and a pleasant effect that never goes out of style.

Choosing one large plant or pot over several small ones is easier to care for and creates a strong visual impact. If your living room is poorly lit or difficult to grow plants, you can consider choosing artificial plants. What you need to do is regularly dust or gently wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to keep the plant looking its best.

2. Glass vase

You can elevate your living room with neutral tones with a glass vase. Depending on your color preference, you can choose a green glass vase or a cobalt blue vase to decorate and accent your living room.

3. Use fake plants and dried flowers

Along with the indoor bonsai craze, plants and dried flowers have become a new trend in recent years. Dried flowers and plants like the common pampas grass seen in living rooms are inexpensive and eco-friendly live plant alternatives. Remember to dust them regularly to keep them looking good and recycle them properly when the time comes.

4. Use wall baskets

Hanging wicker baskets on the living room wall is an easy way to add interest and warmth without spending a fortune. On the other hand, they can replace other expensive art paintings.

5. Coffee table decorated with books

Book coffee tables are classic living room accessories but they never go out of style because they add comfort and elegance to the room. Plus, putting a few books on the table will give you something to read through as you’re lounging on the couch or to attract guests waiting for their drinks.

6. Use candles

Candle light has a strong appeal that adds a cozy atmosphere to the living room. There are many types of candles you can refer to such as: scented candles in glass jars, votive candles, hurricane lamps, LED flame pillar candles…When using LED candles, use rechargeable batteries to save money and avoid waste, and look for eco-friendly ingredients and natural fragrance when buying conventional candles.

7. Decorate with feather blankets

One of the coolest accessories you can add to your living room is a duvet. A blanket can add softness to a couch or armchair. Adding enough blankets for everyone in the house can make a living room look cluttered.

You can solve that problem by leaning a light blanket ladder against the wall, where you can store extra folded blankets when not in use. And during the warmer months, you can leave the ladder empty or use it as magazine storage, or decorate it with LED lights or dried flowers for an accent.

8. Use wall paintings

Hanging a colorful or textured wall on the wall is an easy way to add character to a living room, whether it’s a trendy macrame woven or a casual canvas, they will create a pop of color. Special beauty for your living room.

9. Make use of natural wood furniture

It is no surprise that in a virtual digital world, increasingly technologically advanced, our interiors are increasingly focused on natural materials and organic forms that enable us to connect with each other. more connected with nature. Incorporating textured walls and wood tones will also create a soothing natural feel.

10. Multi-color for every widget

In a neutral room, color is an accessory that you can add in small and powerful doses in the cover of bold pillows or brightly colored blankets or wooden furniture and many other objects. Another use to create a variety of colors for the room.

11. Using geometry trays

Instead of using the usual square or round trays, you can choose a hexagonal wooden tray to hold small decorative objects to help decorate the space. Adding a variety of geometric shapes to your decor will add dynamism and graphic appeal to the room.

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