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Strategy to help VPBank realize prosperity values

The bank provides many financial solutions, digital platforms as well as campaigns for the community.

After announcing the re-branding, VPBank took specific actions to realize the bank’s mission “For a prosperous Vietnam”. A representative of VPBank said that the bank has researched and selected four prosperity values: Financial – Community – Physical – Mental, based on the new international standard prosperity assessment criteria including: economic growth, environment, education, health, personal happiness and quality of life. These values ​​act as “guidelines” for the bank’s upcoming development phase.

VPBank changed the branch facade according to the new location.  Photo: VPBank

VPBank changed the branch facade according to the new location. Image: VPBank

Accordingly, the bank sets the goal of “Financial prosperity” as the focus of economic growth. Specifically, the bank will provide financial solutions, financial consumption trends, and flexible and effective support packages to customers. Thereby, the bank also aims to optimize revenue, profit and value for every dollar of capital that investors spend.

To support the above goal, the bank continuously offers solutions on digital platforms such as VPBank NEO digital bank, Jarvis application for quick approval for customers to apply for credit cards, RACE digital system for approval. car loan within 5 minutes…

Information from the general meeting of shareholders held at the end of April said that the bank is planning to increase its charter capital to nearly 80,000 billion dong, buy a securities company as well as privately issue 15% of its capital. charter for foreign investors to expand financial activities, continue to become the fulcrum for nearly one million businesses and millions of business households.

Over the past 2 years, this bank has contributed more than 600 billion VND to activities with the value of “community prosperity”, such as supporting the Vaccine Fund, supporting localities across the country with medical equipment to prevent epidemics. Covid-19 disease…

VPBank gave savings numbers to children orphaned due to the Covid-19 epidemic.  Photo: VPBank

VPBank gave savings numbers to children orphaned due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Image: VPBank

Most recently, in April 2022, the bank spent 1.5 billion VND to donate savings to orphans due to the Covid-19 epidemic, contributing to helping children continue to go to school. towards a better future.

With the value of physical prosperity, VPBank maintains the organization of annual running events such as VPBank Hanoi Marathon, or most recently, VPBank Bac Giang Marathon, contributing to promoting the sport movement as well as promoting tourism. calendar.

Light up Vietnam Music Festival.  Photo: VPBank

Light up Vietnam Music Festival. Image: VPBank

In order to spread the value of “Spiritual Prosperity”, also in April, VPBank launched the “Light up Vietnam” campaign to encourage the unwavering spirit and will of the Vietnamese people in the post-war era. Translate. The campaign includes activities to light up iconic buildings across the country, free medical examination and treatment for poor small businesses in many provinces and cities, and a large-scale music festival in Ho Chi Minh City. 15,000 live viewers responded with 3 million online views.

“We believe that the prosperity of each individual and each business will contribute to the overall prosperity of the country, both materially and spiritually,” a representative of VPBank shared.

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