Thailand women’s futsal team won 2nd at SEA Games 31

As a strong candidate for the 31st SEA Games women’s futsal gold medal, Thailand continues to show its strength against an underrated opponent, Myanmar. However, the opening goal came in a rather unexpected way with the Thai women’s futsal team. In the 7th minute, Patitta Moolpho scored with a lucky shot. But this is also the goal that opened a favorable position for the teachers and coaches of Surapong Pyouwong. In the 9th minute, Paerploy put out a strong foot and sent the ball to the top of the net, widening the gap to 2 goals for the Thai women’s futsal team. The team from the land of the golden temple has one more goal, still thanks to Paerploy.

The Thai women's futsal team won the second at the 31st SEA Games - Photo 1.

Entering the second half, Myanmar women’s futsal team tried very hard to organize an attack. However, the physical strength of this team was not promoted because Thailand had better ball control. However, Myanmar still has opportunities stemming from the lack of concentration of the Thai defenders, but they cannot take advantage of it successfully. As for the Thai women’s futsal team, this team no longer attacks with high intensity. They have one more goal from the Myanmar defender’s own goal. Winning the second consecutive victory at the tournament, the Thai women’s futsal team temporarily rose to the top of the rankings before the Vietnamese women’s futsal team entered the match against the Malaysian women’s futsal team.

Photo: Mai The Son.

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