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The female doctor is in love with the two words ‘divorce’

ChinaOnce an excellent student at Tsinghua University, studying for a doctorate in the US, Tran Dan Loi murdered her husband with the statement that “if I can’t have it, I’d rather destroy it”.

On August 26, 2005, customs officers discovered a suspicious girl while doing immigration procedures at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Girl with short hair cut, dressed as a man, holding a male passport. Being held and questioned for a long time, the girl refused to declare her true identity.

Her name is Tran Dan Loi, born in 1977, studying for a doctorate in the US, this time returning home alone, she was not careful, so she took the wrong passport of her husband, Ha Loi.

However, the Customs Department quickly discovered that Loi was on the run after being suspected of killing her husband. The error was reported by friends as missing since August 26, 2005. On August 30, Error’s body was discovered in a car registered under the couple’s names in a parking lot. According to police, Error died from being shot in the head at his home.

Lei was immediately arrested. She admitted the crime and said she killed her husband because she didn’t want a divorce.

Tran Dan Loi was arrested in 2005. Photo: Toutiao

Tran Dan Loi was arrested in 2005. Photo: Toutiao

Lei had a good academic record from a young age, in the university entrance exam in 1995, she was accepted into the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University with an overall score of 5th in the entire Sichuan province.

Lei and Lei are classmates, getting to know each other after Loi picked up Lei’s expensive pen and gave it back to him. Attracted by the lively, gallant male student, Lei took the initiative to confess, the two became a couple. However, Loi always feels self-deprecating when being with Error because of his introverted personality, boyish appearance and not being beautiful.

After graduating, the two continued to study for PhD students at Tsinghua University. Midway through, Loi had a conflict with his instructor, so he applied to study abroad at Purdue University in the US and got a scholarship. She proposed to marry Error to study together in the US to study for a doctorate, Error agreed.

When coming to the US, living habits and language distance changed Lei’s personality a lot. She often argues with her instructors, has a bad relationship with her classmates, and often prefers to be alone. In contrast, Error made many new friends thanks to his cheerful, sociable, and outgoing personality.

Feeling that the two of them are increasingly separate, Lei has extreme and unpleasant thoughts when her husband goes out to meet friends alone. Even Loi thinks that Lei married her as a springboard and changed her attitude after receiving a notice of admission to an American university.

Lei often gets angry for no reason at Lei, the two gradually turn from arguing to fighting. At first, Loi patiently coaxed his wife, then he ignored her aggression, sometimes even resenting Lei for not fulfilling his wife’s responsibilities.

Christmas 2004, midnight Error just got home from partying with friends. Lei angrily yelled at her husband. In a drunken stupor, Error asked for a divorce.

These two words made Loi extremely excited, threw things at Lei, grabbed a fruit knife on the table and stabbed her husband. When he regained consciousness, Loi quickly took a taxi to take her husband to the hospital.

The wound was not deep, but the doctor reported Lei domestic violence to the police. She was arrested and her passport confiscated. In order for his wife not to go to jail, Error found a lawyer, wrote an application for forgiveness of his wife’s sins and borrowed money from friends to submit bail. Lei was expelled from school, stayed at home and increasingly relied on her husband.

One day, Lei was preparing for a weekend gathering of friends, but Lei wanted her husband to stay home to watch movies with her. Error of refusal because he wanted to go out to relax and accumulate more relationships. Hearing that, Lei angrily criticized her husband for just wanting to meet and please other girls. The two quarreled again, and Lei continued to beat her husband, causing Lei to resolutely propose a divorce.

Loi was unwilling because she thought her husband would quickly find a new joy, and I would lose everything. A few days later, she bought a silencer gun for $300.

The night before the murder, the two argued vehemently over the fact that Error had gathered with his friends. Lei shouted: “I don’t want to go out, nor do I allow you to go out. I just want you to stay at home with me.” The couple exchanged words, not wanting to look at each other anymore.

At dawn on August 20, 2005, while her husband was fast asleep, Lei shot him in the back of the head. She kept her husband’s body at home for nearly a week. When the body smelled and was questioned by a neighbor, Loi went online to hire someone to help decompose the body and dispose of it in the parking lot.

On August 25, Lei wanted to flee to China, but his passport was seized after the domestic violence incident. So she corrected her husband’s passport and pretended to be a man on the plane.

Lei had meticulously planned everything from testing the effectiveness of a gun’s silencer to how to hide a body and escape, writing it all down in his diary. While searching the home, police found log debris in the shredder and recovered the contents.

When he was arrested, Loi repeatedly said that he did this because he loved her husband too much, declaring “if I can’t have it, I’d rather destroy it”.

When investigating Lei’s circumstances, the police discovered that she was born and raised in an unhappy family. Loi’s father is a university professor and his mother is a worker who quit her job to stay at home to do housework. The disparity in social status makes Loi’s mother always feel self-conscious and suspect her husband of adultery. Lei grew up in the sound of his parents arguing, forming a closed personality, difficult to approach, not believing in marriage.

When Lei entered college, her parents divorced. Lei’s mother suffered from depression and died not long after. She believes that her father’s divorce caused her mother’s death.

In court, Loi testified: “When Loi proposed a divorce, I couldn’t accept it. Because my parents divorced when I was young, then my mother lived a very miserable life. Just hearing the two words ‘divorce’ ‘ is a feeling of crisis in my heart, I can’t step in my mother’s footsteps.”

September 2006, because of crime Intentional murder, Lei was sentenced to death, suspended for two years, and paid 440,000 yuan in compensation to the victim’s family. During his prison time, because of good reform, Loi was reduced to life in prison, then was further reduced twice to 15 years in prison.

Tue Anh (According to CCTV)

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