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The ultimate CLIP about H’Hen Niê’s martial arts performance

Recently, the movie “578: Madman’s Shot” by director Luong Dinh Dung attracts the attention of many movie lovers because of the investment amount of up to 60 billion, and the cooperation with many world-famous directors and filmmakers.

Miss HHen Niê filmed 63 times of difficult martial arts scenes in the movie 578 - Photo 1.
Miss HHen Niê filmed 63 times the difficult martial arts scene in the movie 578 - Photo 2.

The male lead is Alexandre Nguyen – French actor of Vietnamese origin.

Recently, the film crew continued to “tease” the segment of Miss Universe H’Hen Niê (as Bao Vi) and Vietnamese-born star Alexandre Nguyen (as Hung’s father) with eye-catching action scenes.

According to the film crew, the martial arts performance in the rain of H’Hen Niê There was an extremely difficult “invincible” key move, but the beauty did it even more beautifully.

It is known that in order to have an accurate lock, the team had to spend a lot of time for H’Hen Niê to practice, because if a small mistake happens, it will lead to a broken leg. For this scene alone, it took the crew nearly a night and had to shoot 63 scenes to succeed.

As for the main male, Alex’s attractiveness does not stop at acting, he also proves his superior ability in a series of attacks from hitting on the car, to fighting with dozens of gangsters skillfully. and real.

If H’Hen Niê was the actor targeted by the director right from the beginning of the script development and in the process of contacting Hen’s acting well, Luong Dinh Dung adjusted the script for the impressive and rich role of Bao Vi. More than that, Alex’s Hung, the crew had to cast more than 500 new faces to find out.

Miss HHen Niê filmed 63 times the difficult martial arts scene in the movie 578 - Photo 4.

The film crew had to cast more than 500 people to find “Hung’s father”.

Alex practiced very quickly, surprising the Korean martial arts team. An actor will practice for 2 days in a normal game, so he only needs 1 morning or afternoon to be able to remember and play it very well.

One of the memorable scenes of the French-Vietnamese actor was the scene where he broke the vase with his bare hands. The vase for “Hung’s father” to break is unburnt clay that is very perishable, transferred from Bat Trang pottery kiln to Hanoi at a cost of 30 million VND per vase provided that the carrier ensures that the vase is not chipped or broken.

Although it was an unburnt bottle, Alex made 10 scenes of punching and breaking the vase in the air, causing his hand to swell and red to apply ice. The amount of money the actor “breaks” is also up to 300 million.

Miss HHen Niê filmed 63 times the difficult martial arts scene in the movie 578 - Photo 5.

Alex received many praises for his acting.

Director, Luong Dinh Dung praised Alex’s hard work. According to the male director, the male lead himself performed action scenes such as jumping off a cliff, falling off a cliff, etc. He also applied car oil to himself, rolling on the ground to create the right character.

578: Madman’s Shot” is a journey to pursue revenge and regain justice for the father’s little daughter named Hung. On the journey of chasing and being hunted “alone alone”, the father realizes that he is not only is confronting an evil but a dark force behind.

The movie “578: Bullet of the Madman” will be released in theaters on May 20.

The scene shows the beautiful martial arts of H’Hen Niê and Alex.

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