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The whole neighborhood hunts long-legged dancers and collects millions every night

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In Vinh Trung commune, there are dozens of households living off of work fake dried – aka “long-legged dancer”. The dry imitation village in Vinh Trung was formed more than ten years ago. Every April-May, when the first rains of the season begin, the men prepare to hunt for “long-legged dancers”.

The tool for imitation is quite simple, including: a flashlight, a racket and a basket. It was just getting dark and it was the beginning of life.

Mr. Vo Be Hoang, a copywriter, said: “Every day, when going to check in a remote field, I leave at 3pm, in the field near my house, I go at dusk. Each group usually goes 4 people, when it is dark in the field. If I want to have a lot of clones, I go to a remote field, sometimes dozens of kilometers to Hon Dat district (Kien Giang). Every night when they win, each person can see 15kg of fakes, at least 7-8kg.”

kho nhai 1 517
Village of “long-legged dancers” in An Giang
vu nu 22 518
vu nu 23 519
Skin peeling stage, wash before drying
vu nu 24 520
Imitation when the head is cut off, skinned, gutted…

Having nearly ten years of experience in imitation, Mr. Hoang said that after the rice was cut, the water in the tattoo was more fake than the dry field. The day it rained, it was more shady than the sky.

“To catch clones must be quick and quick. Doing this job works hard all night, sometimes when it rains heavily, the thunder is terrible, so everyone wants to catch a lot of clones,” Hoang said. However, according to him, the job of catching imitations is still better than working as a hired hand or a lake maker.

“This spoofing job helps me have more income right at home, not having to ask for real money,” Hoang shared. Around 11pm, people swarmed and pulled each other back, selling fakes to traders for 50,000 VND/kg.

Hoang personally brought the clones for his wife to clean, then marinate them with spices so that they could dry in the sun in the morning. “My wife dries imitations and sells them to traders everywhere,” Hoang confided.

People often call the dry hamlet of Vinh Trung commune the village that never sleeps. Because when the clock ticks to a new day, the men come back from the mirror, the women and children start to wake up, making imitations to dry.

Ms. Lai Thi Diem (35 years old, wife of Mr. Hoang), said that she dries frogs in Vinh Trung commune almost all year round, the most in the rainy season. At this time, the number of “long-legged dancers” will be more.

kho nhai 19 521
Hang out in the sun

Fresh clones put in a large plastic container and then put ice in it. Clones get cold and freeze to death. After that, people take out the frogs, cut off the heads, peel the skin, clean the intestines, wash them, marinate spices such as fish sauce, pepper, chili … to really absorb. After that, put the clones on the blister, bring them out to dry in the sun.

“In the early morning, it was sunny and beautiful, the job of drying imitations in this hamlet was very busy. Each house has its own way of making marinade, spices are increased or decreased depending on the taste of consumers. Vinh Trung dried clones are famous for their tasteful and mouth-watering way of marinating spices”, Ms. Diem informed.

If the sun is good, it only takes 1.5 days for the clones to be dry and delicious enough. About 5kg of imitation meat after cleaning, drying to dry 1kg of finished imitation products.

During the drying process, the maker must pay attention to flip the imitation, helping the clone to dry evenly on all sides. Dried imitations are made from natural imitations for even, beautiful colors, clear flesh and bones. Delicious dried imitation has a characteristic aroma and sweetness, and a tasteful spice.

The husband goes to the mirror to let his wife dry. Every day, Mr. Hoang and Mrs. Diem have an income of millions. “On a normal day, the couple’s income is about 600,000-700,000 VND, when in the main season, the income is millions per day”, Ms. Diem said.

And Mrs. Tran Thi Mai Xuan (62 years old) shared: “Adults and children all have jobs and jobs from frogs. Women and children at home are skinned for imitation and are paid 5,000 VND/kg. Every day, he earns several hundred thousand dong.

Dried imitations are processed into many different delicious dishes, but the most popular ones are deep-fried, fried with fish sauce.

Currently, dried imitations are priced at 450,000-480,000 VND/kg depending on the type. Every year, Vinh Trung commune supplies the market with tens of tons of dried “long-legged dancers” finished products.

vu nu 11 522
Clones after cleaning are about to be placed on the drying rack
kho nhai 5 523
vu nu 26 524
vu nu 14 525
Dry chewing after 1.5 days is fine
vu nu 20 526
Dried imitations cost from 450,000-480,000 VND/kg
kho nhai 6 527
Deep-fried dry frogs is An Giang’s specialty


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