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There are days… people want to give up strangely

We are young people in the middle of a decade of technology, money, worries… We grew up with the love of our family, but we had to enter life with a soft heart, struggling to find Find your own way out. Sometimes, we are afraid of forgetting our true self, afraid of dropping our desires into the hustle and bustle. Have you ever experienced the feeling of inadequacy and lost in life? Have you ever wondered if your heart should stop or keep walking?

When we were children, we often wished we could grow up quickly and be free to fly to open horizons. However, until truly becoming an adult, the feeling of carefree and happy childhood is something that no one can find. The dream sky each person once built when we first entered life, the enthusiasm boiling in the heart at that time… all gradually tinged with time and drifted into oblivion since no one knew.

There are days when people want to let go of their hearts strangely - Photo 1.


Today we live in the world, tomorrow we don’t know what will happen. The future ahead is like a long, foggy road, with no signals, no signs, and no one to accompany us to overcome it all. There are days when people want to let go of everything, don’t want to keep trying anymore, because they are afraid that the effort will be exhausted and will eventually disappear into the clouds.

There are days when I sit and cry alone on a cold street corner, feeling that this life is so cruel. There are days, when I trudge home with exhausted strength, the world is spinning and can’t hug and comfort my wounded heart…

When strength is drained over time, the heart is so tired that it is lonely and does not want to open its heart to anyone else. A few lines of vague messages, eyes that met and quickly passed each other, there was a moment when it seemed to hold a hand but in the end it was lost… Everyone’s life is like a never-ending flow. again. The rush washes us away with the flow of people going forward in an indeterminate way without knowing where our own turn is.

There are hidden corners in everyone’s heart. Someone who is always smiling is not necessarily happy, crying all day is not necessarily unhappy. Maybe outsiders still think I’m fine. But in fact, when we have suffered so much, we will automatically stop crying, we will no longer lament, we will hug our own pain in silence. There are things that are difficult to share with someone, there are things that no one can understand but themselves.

Everyone’s life has many strange and confusing times. Finding myself lost, feeling as small as a grain of sand in the middle of a vast desert, a slight breeze is enough to wash it all away…

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