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There are many worries for U.23 Vietnam

U.23 Vietnam beat Timor Leste 2-0, reach semi-finals in men’s football SEA Games 31 as the top of Group A, scoring 6 goals and not conceding. But after 4 matches, there are really many worries for teachers and coaches Park Hang-seo.

Like the previous matches, U.23 Vietnam started the match against the weakest team in Timor Leste last night. Like the seniors, the subs from the reserve team did not play very elegantly, many of the handling phases were still clumsy, unable to express themselves. It was not until the second half, when some adjustments appeared, that U.23 Vietnam had a goal from two strikers Van Tung and Thanh Minh. Although the home team won, topped the table, and did not concede a goal, the general feeling of the fans was not very happy, on the contrary, there were many worries when the big challenge would come from the semi-finals.

There are still many worries for U.23 Vietnam - photo 1

Van Tung tried his best but could not create a strong mutation


The first worry is that the ability to “refuel” the midfield for the attack is still a difficult problem even though Mr. Park has made efforts to build Hoang Duc and Hung Dung to increase strength. Former player Dang Phuong Nam commented: “At this point, the point we can be most assured of is the trio of over-aged players, besides the pair of central defenders Thanh Binh – Viet Anh are temporarily fine. Coach Park Hang-seo applied to U.23 Vietnam, the 3-5-2 diagram is similar to the Vietnam team, but in the three central midfield positions besides Hung Dung – Hoang Duc, the remaining piece is broken. Hoang Anh and Cong To each have a strong point, but overall, they are still lacking, not round enough to patch up their gaps Quang Hai. Hoang Anh is strong and has the ability to break through and create mutations, but the connection, ball control and gameplay are limited. Cong came skillfully and quickly but slightly abused personal technique. In the Vietnam team, Hoang Duc kicks below with Quang Hai next to him, someone will hold the rhythm, keep the ball, launch smoothly. U.23 VN at this time still lacks such a person, making the ball from the middle of the field to the last third of the field very difficult, making the strikers very hungry for the ball.

Tien Long has not left peace of mind yet


Thai billionaire Madam Pang shared at Thien Truong Stadium: “Thailand U.23 team may meet Vietnam U.23 in the semi-finals, which will be a very important match for both teams. The match will be exciting and professional quality, a football party for the fans. There is only one gold medal in SEA Games football and all teams want it. Achieving the gold medal depends on many factors: the performance of the players, the preparation of the teams and a little bit of luck. I believe our players will also be looking forward to this match and if the result of the semi-final is good, it will also be a premise for us to go further.”

Nhat Duy

The ability to finish is also a problem for U.23 Vietnam, all 4 matches we created many opportunities, pressed the opponent, but the quality of the final passes was too poor. That wastes the effort as well as the effort that the whole team has given their all for the match. Mr. Dang Phuong Nam said: “The young players of U.23 Vietnam are still immature, they are learning valuable lessons from experience, the awkwardness forces them to adapt.

There are still many worries for U.23 Vietnam - photo 3

Huynh Cong Came did not meet the requirements


For example, the defense after the first two matches, familiar with the two opponents who were deeply defensive, panicked when Myanmar U.23 suddenly pressed high, unable to launch an attack. And in the victory Timor Leste, it’s true that our upswings are still unstable, there are still no real killers to put a dot in front of the goal. The two goals are beautiful, but they do not show the high damage of these spears.

That is an issue that Mr. Park has to think about.”

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