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Thinking of the country, you can contribute anywhere

Yesterday (May 16), Prime Minister continued his working visit to the US and the UN Pham Minh Chinh had a meeting with some Vietnamese intellectuals and students in New York.

Must do high-speed rail

At the meeting with the Prime Minister, many students and intellectuals shared concerns about the Government’s orientations with big issues such as infrastructure investment, staff selection for the public sector, etc.

Responding to the Government’s view on the plan to implement high-speed railway, the Prime Minister acknowledged that there are still different opinions such as speed, investment divergence along the entire route or each section, etc. However, Prime Minister affirmed: “This is the wish of generations of leaders and many Vietnamese people. The spirit is that there must be a new railway line to take advantage of the advantages of rail transport” and “if our generation hasn’t done it, your generation will”. However, the Prime Minister added that it is necessary to calculate and study carefully in the direction that it can be done in advance, then learn from experience and continue to replicate.

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The Prime Minister took a photo with Vietnamese students and intellectuals in New York

Duong Giang

Faced with the question of how to attract effective investment as well as join the global supply chain at higher value ladders, the Prime Minister said that in order to attract effective investment, first of all, there must be a right, in order to exploit and promote the distinct potential, outstanding opportunities and competitive advantages of the country. In addition, a stable legal environment that is suitable to the situation and conditions of the country and international commitments will play an important role. In addition, need administrative reform in the direction of simplifying procedures, taking people and enterprise service center.

How to recruit good people into the public sector?

That is the question that Do Trieu Hai, a student majoring in international relations (Columbia University), posed to the head of the Government. Regarding this question, the Prime Minister said that during his time at the Central Organizing Committee, he really wanted to recruit candidates. excellent student However, the conversion and mutual recognition of degrees between Vietnam and other countries are having problems in practice. “Currently the authorities are dealing with it, but this requires coordination between countries; On the other hand, Vietnam also has to further improve the quality of training institutions education”, said the Prime Minister and further informed that the Government is continuing to implement a salary increase for cadres, civil servants and public employees in the public sector, in accordance with the conditions of the country.

“However, in order to contribute to the country, the young friends should not be too burdened about working at home or abroad. The most important thing is working efficiency, bringing benefits to yourself, your family and always thinking about the country, you can contribute anywhere,” the Prime Minister shared.

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