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Thoroughly murdered in Cbiz, Trinh Sang changed his profession from an actor to a YouTuber to make a living?

On May 17, Weibo was stirred up by the latest move of Trinh Sang after a long stay in hiding. Many fans of “youth goddess” suddenly shared a video of Trinh Sang walking and confiding.

In this video, the actress share about the plan, as well as the desire to become a famous YouTuber to be able to earn income from this platform. At the same time, Trinh Sang also shared that he thought more positively: “If I say it’s not good, I don’t feel embarrassed. I can continue to make people laugh at me, I can gain more. With a little money to cover my life, I see this as a kind of ability of myself.”

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After being banned from broadcasting, Trinh Sang plans to switch to being a YouTuber to make money

It is known that this YouTube channel was founded by Trinh Sang last November. The actress has just posted a few short videos that she filmed and edited herself. However, up to now, the channel name has not been revealed. In the meantime, fans have uploaded images from Trinh Sang’s video, mainly the moment the actress plays with her dog.

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Currently, Trinh Sang’s videos posted on YouTube are all related to her pet dog

After the scandal last year, Trinh Sang almost completely disappeared from the entertainment world. The actress was sealed in all aspects, even the Douyin and Weibo accounts were mercilessly deleted. Not to mention, Trinh Sang was also removed from the famous works she acted in such as Love You At First Sight, Ancient Sword Ky Tan nice Summer Chi has not come yet.

Many people turn their backs, but there are also many loyal fans who always support Trinh Sang’s activities. The actress doesn’t seem to want to give up the entertainment industry, always trying to come back using every social media possible, from Instagram to Twitter and now YouTube again. However, in showbiz Trung, Trinh Sang can hardly return because the blockade order is still in place.

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Despite being locked away in China, Trinh Sang still tries to interact with fans using global social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or soon, YouTube. However, the actress’s Twitter account is currently locked

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