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Thought my 9-year-old son had early puberty, took his mother to the doctor, he was shocked when he had to take medicine for the rest of his life because of a common habit

May 16, 2022 14:15 PM (GMT+7)

Mom fell back when her son had to take medicine for the rest of his life because of a habit many people encounter

Stemming from the subjective and arbitrary use of drugs, many parents have caused their children to suffer lifelong consequences, seriously affecting their health.

Ths.BS Pham Nhu Quynh, Chief Representative of the Office of his home doctor (former doctor of the Central Hospital of Endocrinology) said that when the weather changes and the seasons change, many children with bronchitis are bought medicine by their parents. Contains oral corticosteroids. The process of prolonged use from year to year can cause a child’s adrenal gland to be severely affected.

Recently, Doctor Quynh has just received a case of a pediatric patient who came to the clinic due to the abuse of drugs containing corticosteroids but his parents did not know, until discovered, the condition was too severe to be saved. “This case serves as a warning about the arbitrary use of drugs by parents with their children. A lot of people simply think that cough and cold medicines are simply bought and given to their children, but that’s very wrong,” said Doctor Quynh.

The case of a 9-year-old boy in Hanoi is a typical example. Before taking her to the doctor, the mother saw that the child had many changes in appearance such as a round fat face, red skin, more and more mustache, more hairy limbs, etc. From the outside, everyone thought it was a boy. Fat is beautiful because her face is always plump.

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Symptoms of child abuse of corticosteroids are often easy to recognize, but many parents think that their children have precocious puberty. Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Because the child was only 9 years old, the mother was worried that her child would have early puberty, so she took her to an endocrinologist. Doctor Quynh said, when the baby just entered the room, looking at the external expression, the doctor asked his mother about taking medicine before.

Unexpectedly, the boy had a history of bronchitis and rhinitis from a young age and was often bought by his family to use medicine (drugs containing corticosteroid ingredients), when using this drug, the patient recovered very quickly.

Examination results showed that the patient did not have early puberty but suffered from adrenal insufficiency as a result of prolonged use of corticosteroids. More painfully, this case had chronic adrenal insufficiency, which was irreversible and had to take hormone replacement for the rest of her life.

Small part but very important

According to Dr. Quynh, the small adrenal gland, located on the top of each kidney, each gland has 2 parts, namely:

– The medulla secretes catechamine hormones to maintain blood pressure and heart rate;

The cortex secretes the hormone corticosteroids. These are all very important hormones to sustain human life.

“The adrenal gland is small but secretes important hormones such as regulating blood pressure, regulating sugar metabolism, regulating salt and mineral metabolism, etc. These hormones play a very important role in the body. body of life,” said doctor Quynh.

Adrenal insufficiency is a condition in which the adrenal gland produces too little cortisone, leading to disturbances in metabolic processes in the body, very seriously affecting the patient’s health, even causing death.

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The abuse of corticosteroids is very dangerous, even life-threatening. Illustration.

During many years of medical examination, Dr. Quynh encountered many cases of adrenal insufficiency due to corticosteroid abuse, but due to timely detection and intervention, the adrenal gland was able to recover. However, many people have chronic, adrenal gland can not recover anymore, typically the 9-year-old boy above. In this case, the patient must take adrenal hormone for the rest of his life.

Doctor Quynh instructed, the signs of people with adrenal insufficiency due to the abuse of drugs containing corticosteroids are weight gain, red round face, thin skin. For men, there may be a lot of mustache, hairy limbs …

“The long-term use of corticosteroids, abuse year after year, can increase the risk of adrenal insufficiency. Not only taking a few days of medication with this ingredient can cause adrenal failure immediately. Because corticosteroids, if used strictly as prescribed by the doctor, are of great value in the treatment of some diseases. Therefore, in order to have an accurate assessment, patients must visit medical facilities, “said Doctor Quynh.

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