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Vietnam Blockchain Association officially launched

On May 17, the Vietnam Blockchain Technology Association (Vietnam Blockchain Association) officially launched and conducted the establishment congress.

According to Decision No. 343/QD-BNV approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs on April 27, 2022, the Vietnam Blockchain Association was allowed to establish, becoming the first official legal entity gathering enthusiasts. research and application of blockchain technology throughout the territory of Vietnam.

Vietnam Blockchain Association officially launched - Photo 1.

On May 17, the Vietnam Blockchain Association was allowed to establish. Photo: VTV

Previously, on May 16, the 1st Congress of the Vietnam Blockchain Association marked the establishment of the Association, announced the official executive committee, principles and operation direction of the Association. In particular, the focus is on a series of action programs on blockchain application with the goal of promoting the digital economy, soon bringing Vietnam to international level in the digital economy, and will start from a practical action program: research , applying blockchain technology solutions in all aspects of economic life.

Vietnam Blockchain Association officially launched - Photo 2.

Mr. Vu Chien Thang, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs gave the decision to establish the Vietnam Blockchain Association to Mr. Hoang Van Hue, Chairman of the Vietnam Blockchain Association.

The Vietnam Blockchain Association has become the only legal bridge between the Vietnam Blockchain Community and State agencies and departments in order to build a legal framework for Vietnam’s Blockchain technology industry towards the goal of national technology. digital – digital economy. At the same time, the Association will be the convergence of those interested in researching, testing, evaluating, standardizing and encouraging the application of blockchain technology in Vietnam.

Vietnam Blockchain Association officially launched - Photo 3.

The association will perform the task of expanding relationships with blockchain organizations and communities around the world, sharing experiences and resources to research, test, apply, deploy, and trade blockchain technology according to regulations. provisions of Vietnamese law; attracting investment for the operation of the blockchain industry, training and developing digital human resources.

In recent years, Vietnam has witnessed the rapid introduction and development of blockchain technology. As the number of businesses, researchers and engineers pursuing blockchain technology is increasing, the need to connect, cooperate, share and support is also stronger and stronger, a full-fledged legal organization In order to meet the expansion speed and strong development goals of the Vietnamese Blockchain community, it is absolutely necessary.

At the First Congress, Mr. Hoang Van Huey, Chairman of the Association shared: “The Vietnam Blockchain Association is committed to contributing to raising public awareness and advising on the construction of legal corridors, standards and regulations in the application and development of products and services on the basis of blockchain technology.

In the coming time, the Association looks forward to receiving the enthusiastic participation and constructive contributions of individuals and businesses researching and developing blockchain technology in Vietnam in order to build the Association stronger and stronger. both in terms of quality and quantity”.

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