Vietnam Men’s & Women’s 5×5 basketball team starts off smoothly at SEA Games 31

National Women’s Team – Singapore Team

In this pitch, the National Team started in the absence of the star that made history in 3×3 basketball – Truong Thao My. However, the Vietnamese girls still played well to bring home the victory on the first day.

Both the National Team and Singapore entered the game quite cautiously. As a result, the first inning was slow and few points were scored. Very soon, the National Team suddenly accelerated in the second half.

The Vietnam Men's & Women's 5x5 basketball team had a smooth start at the 31st SEA Games - Photo 1.

The audience at Thanh Tri Gymnasium was excited with the performance of two Vietnamese men’s and women’s teams

Tran Thi Anh Dao stunned Singapore with three consecutive 3-pointers. Continuing the excitement, the National Team continuously widened the gap. From a 4 point lead after the first half, Singapore was down 6 points after the second half.

From the third half, the game belonged to the National Team. The smooth play of Huynh Thi Ngoan and Bui Kim Nhan leaves Singapore with little space to comfortably shoot. When the gap passed 20 points, victory seemed to be in the hands of the National Team.

Coach David Jones began to gradually withdraw key players to rest and create opportunities for reserve players. Even so, Singapore could not close the gap between the two teams. In the end, the National Team won with a score of 73-51.

The Vietnam Men's and Women's 5x5 basketball team started off smoothly at the 31st SEA Games - Photo 2.

Truong Thao Vy and teammates had a pretty easy match against Singapore Tel

Truong Thao Vy had a memorable first time with the National Team when only 2 assists were missing to complete the Triple-double. She scored 16 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists.

Leading the scoring list is Tran Thi Anh Dao with 19 points, including 5/6 successful 3-pointers. Mailee Jones scored 15 points and 6 rebounds, while Huynh Thi Ngoan and Nguyen Thi Tieu Duy each scored 7 points.

Compared to the previous SEA Games, the National Women’s Team has a much stronger lineup. Singapore is not a “reagent” strong enough for the ambition of coach David Jones and his students.

National Men’s Team – Cambodia Team

Before the match, Cambodia was considered a light opponent with the National Team. Although Chris Dierker (Dang Quy Kiet) was rested after a series of intense 3×3 matches, the National Team still overwhelmed Cambodia comprehensively.

The difference between the two teams was evident after the first half. The difference in body shape and level makes the National Team completely overwhelmed. After the first 7 minutes, the National Team led the opponent with an unbelievable score of 23-1. The first half ended with a score of 26-8.

The Vietnam Men's & Women's 5x5 basketball team started smoothly at the 31st SEA Games - Photo 3.

The South Vietnamese team easily overcame the Cambodian team

The second half played out similarly as the National Team took control of the game. Compared to the first half, Cambodia played better. But not enough to create difficulties for Juzang and teammates. After half the match, the National Team created a safe lead with the score 53-26.

In the last two halves, coach Kevin Yurkus created conditions for the substitutes to enter the field. Although they could not create an overwhelming match like the first half of the match, Vo Kim Ban and his teammates still did not give Cambodia the opportunity to shorten the gap. After 4 innings, the National Team won the first with the score 87-55.

The Vietnam Men's and Women's 5x5 basketball team started smoothly at the 31st SEA Games - Photo 4.

Substitute Du Minh An also had a lot of time to play in the match against Cambodia

In his first time with the National Team, Christian Juzang played explosively with 24 points and 4 assists, including 6 successful 3-pointers. Although Cambodia is especially interested and closely follows Juzang, it is not enough to make it difficult for this former Harvard player. He is the difference from the National Team in the 30th SEA Games. Juzang’s ability to hold the ball and regulate the play helps the National Team to overwhelm Cambodia.

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