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What does Teacher Park need to do to make U23 Vietnam win gold at the 31st Sea Games?

Coach Park Hang Seo and U23 Vietnam desperately need 3 older players for the journey to defend the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games. And in the absence of Hung Dung, Tien Linh, and Hoang Duc, everything is more complicated than expected.

1. Having a ticket to the semi-finals early in men’s football SEA Games 31 help Coach Park Hang Seo widen the calculation of personnel for U23 Vietnam before playing against U23 Timor Leste.

Contrary to many people’s expectations, Captain U23 Vietnam soon put the pillars who are over-aged or carded players (like Thanh Binh) on the bench and launched the 2nd squad in the final match of the group stage.

This calculation is of course reasonable when the Korean strategist needs to ensure the pillars have time to rest for the semi-finals in the context that U23 Timor Leste is very underrated after what he has shown.

Team 2 is enough to win U23 Timor Leste as well as help regular substitutes have the opportunity to play is what Coach Park Hang Seo and fans think for sure.

u23 vietnam 1011
U23 Vietnam despite winning

2. Coach Park Hang Seo’s introduction of the 2nd squad to the field for the match against U23 Timor Leste will be malfunctioning, not “smooth” is easy to see.

But few people think that U23 Vietnam is so bad when there are no Hung Dung, Hoang Duc, Tien Linh, Thanh Binh … in the starting lineup when playing U23 Timor Leste.

The whole first half of the first round, the students of Coach Park Hang Seo were stuck in front of the goal of U23 Timor Leste, it was a story over here, U23 Vietnam still had time for the opponent to “play” like fighting with a stronger team. .

u23 viet nam u23 timo leste 1 1012
but there are too many problems

The last few minutes of the first half were really like that when U23 Timor Leste held the ball with a few dozen passes while U23 Vietnam helplessly ran after, fouled or tried to blockade to prevent the opponent from passing through the middle.

3. What was seen at U23 Vietnam in the confrontation with U23 Timor Leste (despite winning as expected) really made fans worried for the home team’s goal of defending the 31st SEA Games gold medal in the absence of 3 bridges. over-age player.

That doesn’t mean that U23 Vietnam plays better when there’s enough Hung Dung, Hoang Duc, and Tien Linh after what we’ve seen in the previous matches, but at least it’s less worrying if the trio of “cars and cannons” , code” stands on the field.

parkhangseo 1013
To want to get SEA Games gold is difficult without waiting for Tien Linh, Hung Dung, Hoang Duc

Having Hung Dung, Hoang Duc in the middle of Vietnam U23 field ensures the ability to control the ball, the position, above Tien Linh is enough of a danger that the opponent cannot push the squad too high in each counterattack. .

That’s why I said, looking at U23 Vietnam is confused and uncertain when there are 3 players above the age or a few key positions, I can see that even though the 31st SEA Games gold medal is only 1/3 of the way from coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students. more but really tight.

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