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Which iPhone size is the most perfect? ​​-Hi-tech fashion

A lot of people are excited about the iPhone 14 Max – a larger screen version of the iPhone 14. However, this is not the model many people are looking for.

iPhone 14 Max will give users a larger selection of iPhones without upgrading to version iPhone 14″ Pro Max is expected to be $300 more expensive. However, to choose the most suitable iPhone size, perhaps the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max is not an option.

Which iPhone size is the most perfect?  - first

Instead, the 6.1-inch screen on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro is said to be the best and optimal experience for many people. Here’s why.

Back to the iPhone 4S – one of the last legacies left by the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. It’s a phone that’s as gorgeous as a magical little computer on a 3.5-inch screen that still lets people do so many things.

To be fair, a lot of high-end phones these days have large screens, including the Pixel 6 Pro, Oppo Find X5 Pro, and Galaxy S22 Ultra – all of which range in size from 6.7 inches to 6.8 inches. This does not include the Galaxy Z Fold3 foldable phone. With large screen phones, users can easily handle work on the go, watch videos and even play games. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a screen larger than 6.2 inches.

With the Pixel 5 being released by Google in 2020, a shift in technology focus has occurred. A pocket-sized phone could help people fight the pandemic. The Pixel 5 is a great addition for those who enjoy checking social media, Gmail or other tasks. The results show that 6 inches is considered more than enough size for users. This is also evident with the Galaxy S21 – a smartphone with a 6.2-inch screen with ultra-thin bezels, making it easy for users to use with one hand without being as heavy as the larger sizes.

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Going back to the iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro screen size is arguably the best on the market today. Due to the flat edges and 6.1-inch Retina display, the phone is easy to use with one hand, and the absence of rounded corners ensures that it doesn’t slip out of your hand when holding the phone continuously.

On the other hand, the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max looks like a giant slab of metal and glass. Although it is one of the best looking smartphones, the flat design of the phone looks clumsy. It wouldn’t be surprising that the iPhone 14 Max or 14 Pro Max could change that.

With all that happening, it can be seen that the iPhone 14 Pro will probably become the most suitable product for the majority of users instead of either of the “Max” models. Flagship phones don’t necessarily have to have huge screens, and that’s true of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 series. Moreover, the 6.1-inch screen is also considered to be suitable for other Android phones.

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