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Zalo Tech Fresher 2022 realizes the dream of a technology engineer

Applying for positions technology engineer In the Mobile Android segment, Nguyen Dinh Sang – a 3rd year student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, passed an entrance test with a high level of challenge, which Sang jokingly called “thought difficult but difficult”. Young people have passed 2 exams, each with 100 questions, done in 60 minutes, an average of 36 seconds to complete 1 sentence.

Morning said: “I’m extremely impressed with the entrance test because it not only focuses on background knowledge but also tests each candidate’s agility through algebraic logic and geometry questions”.

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62 talented young people have started their journey to work and experience at Zalo

In the morning, sharing more, applications Zalo, Zing MP3, Laban Key… have been associated with your childhood. Growing up, studying information technology, Bright oriented towards Android and fortunately Zalo Tech Fresher program trained this position. Taking the opportunity, young people prepare their CVs carefully, revise their specialized knowledge and show their best in the live interview at Zalo.

Also thanks to Zalo Tech Fresher, Le Hanh Linh had the opportunity to start her journey to become a Bigdata technology engineer when she was a 4th year student at the University of Science in Ho Chi Minh City. Linh said that young people have been following Zalo Careers page and felt the tense atmosphere and harsh competition of the program since the early days.

Similar to Dinh Sang, Linh commented, the entrance exam of the program is extremely challenging for young people because the requirements are very broad with many terms you have never met.

“Bigdata is the work behind the scenes but extremely important. This company fascinates me by building pipelines to capture raw data, process, organize and mine data”Hanh Linh said.

This year’s Zalo Tech Fresher program has attracted more than 1,600 young people studying information technology in just about a month. According to the expert panel, the fields of AI, Machine Learning, Bigdata, Web/Hybrid are the fields that attract a great deal of attention from young people.

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Mr. Nguyen Minh Tu shared at the meeting with young people who overcame the challenge of Zalo Tech Fresher 2022

After many years of organization, this year’s program returns with a more methodical recruitment and training process. The entrance test is one of the new points to classify candidates through a structure of 50% easy, 30% medium and 20% difficult.

With a ‘fierce’ ratio of 4/100, from 1,600 candidates, the program selected 62 best young people to become official employees at Zalo. According to Mr. Nguyen Minh Tu – Zalo Technology Director, after overcoming the challenge, 62 young people not only work but also have a training roadmap for long-term development.

“In terms of professional knowledge, young people will be trained in the product mindset to understand the product development process and security to be able to ensure high safety when building build products”, Mr. Nguyen Minh Tu said.

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At the end of the training period, the candidates will be able to choose a project and have 8 weeks to do it

Joining the Zalo Tech Fresher program, young engineers will meet ideal friends, work with experienced facilitators to solve tough practical problems.

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