13-year-old boy suffered a stroke

LQN, 13 years old, in Ha Long City, was hospitalized in a state of convulsions and decreased consciousness. At the hospital, the baby was clinically examined and had a brain CT scan. The results of the X-ray showed that the patient had a cerebral hemorrhage. After the consultation, the doctor concluded that the patient had cerebral hemorrhage due to the rupture of a cerebral arteriovenous fistula.

Prognosis of severe patient condition, high risk of death, doctors quickly opened craniotomy, removed AVM malformation, decompression, and hematoma. After surgery, the patient’s high fever continuously did not respond to antipyretic drugs, doctors continued to prescribe treatment with resuscitation and hypothermia to reduce damage and help brain cells recover quickly.

After 7 days of intensive treatment, the patient passed the critical crisis, regained consciousness, was extubated and is continuing to recover and exercise at the Pediatric Department.

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The doctor checks the condition health of pediatric patients. (Photo: BVCC)

According to Dr. Nguyen Sy Manh, of the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, during the post-operative treatment, the baby had a constant high fever, causing an increase in severe brain damage, brain edema, brain re-bleeding, and infection. .. Therefore, the method of surface hypothermia will help the brain reduce edema, inflammation, improve perfusion and oxygen supply, increase the patient’s chances of survival, and help the brain recover consciousness and better movement. .

“We lower the patient’s surface or intravascular temperature from 37 degrees Celsius to 33-36 degrees Celsius and maintain this level for a certain period of time. Then the device will gradually raise the patient’s temperature according to a very tight program until it reaches a normal temperature.” Dr. Manh said.

Cerebrovascular malformation, also known as cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM), is a birth defect, abnormality in the blood vessels of the brain. The disease occurs when the development of the cerebral vascular system is abnormal, creating a state of communication between the cerebral arteries and the cerebral veins, not passing through the normal capillary system of the brain, and not supplying blood to the brain parenchyma. , when rupture causes stroke, brain bleeding…

Cerebral vascular malformations can cause convulsions, weakness, muscle paralysis, dizziness, headaches, and speech problems. If not detected early, treated promptly, the disease will complications from hypoxia to brain tissue, aneurysms, rupture of brain arteries, high risk of death…

Cerebrovascular malformation has no symptoms but is detected through health screening. Therefore, doctors recommend people to go for regular health checkups. In the course of daily life, if there are abnormal symptoms, it is necessary to immediately go to the nearest medical facility for timely treatment to avoid life-threatening danger.

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