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4 reasons to make it easy for Lu Bu to shoot Yuanmen

Although the Three Kingdoms period was chaotic, there were countless heroes and heroes appearing. This was an important resource in the wars with the ambition of unifying the world of the most powerful forces at that time.

Among the heroes of the time, Lu Bu is considered the strongest martial general in the Three Kingdoms, even called “the god of war”. Lu Bu stood out on the battlefield of the Three Kingdoms when he not only had the power of thousands of people and was extremely brave, but also possessed two rare “treasures” in the world. That is the Red Horse and the “spirit” Phuong Thien Hoa Kich. The combination of Lu Bo with the Red Horse, Phuong Thien Hoa Kich became an obsession for the enemy on the battlefield.

In The Three Kingdoms, Lu Bu’s strength and excellent fighting ability were demonstrated through the classic “Three brothers fighting Lu Bu” at the battle of Ho Lao Quan in 190.

However, there was one performance that very few strong generals in the Three Kingdoms could do, and that was Lu Bu shooting the Yuanmen.

Shooting at Yuanmen showed Lu Bu’s extraordinary archery skills. So, is shooting at Vien Mon easy to do and how terrifying is its power?

Let’s take a look at the analysis below from a physics perspective.

Lu Bu shot at Yuanmen: Are you making it difficult for yourself?

Why was it easy for Lu Bu to shoot down Yuanmen?  There are 4 reasons that a talented general is rarely overcome - Photo 1.

La Bo is a mighty general who is praised by the world as “La Bo of the People”. Photo: Sohu

According to Tam Quoc Dien Nghia, in June 196, after failing to assassinate Lu Bu, Yuan Shu suddenly asked to marry. When removing the general Hac Manh, Lu Bu also found out that Hac Manh listened to Yuan Shu’s instigation, so he rebelled. However, because the current situation could not turn around to fight, Lu Bu pretended to accept the invitation to be Yuan Shu’s close friend.

When Yuan Shu saw that Lu Bu had fallen for him, he sent Ky Linh to lead 30,000 troops to attack Tieu Bai to destroy Liu Bei.

Standing in this situation, in order to avoid the reputation of being unfaithful, Lu Bu did not support either side. However, the strongest martial arts general in the Three Kingdoms has a unique and courageous way to deal with the mutiny between the two sides.

Accordingly, Lu Bu only brought 1,000 foot soldiers and 200 cavalry to Tieu Bai. Of course, after learning that Lu Bu led troops to Tieu Bai, the Ky Linh side did not dare to move. Lu Bu then sent someone to invite Liu Bei and Ji Ling to drink wine to reconcile.

Lü Bu was so confident in his archery that he had someone plant a halberd at the camp gate 150 paces away and promised to shoot arrows. Lu Bu said that if he hit the barb, both Luu Bei and Ky Linh would have to draw, and if he missed, the two sides would fight at will.

At this time, Ky Linh thought that with such a long distance, it was impossible to hit the barb, so he accepted the plan proposed by Lu Bu.

Unexpectedly, Lu Bu hit the arrow on the right barb. When he finished shooting, Lu Bu immediately said: “This is God’s will for the two to reconcile”. Seeing this, both Ky Linh and Luu Bei were amazed at the pride and talent of Lu Bu. Ky Linh decided to withdraw his troops, and because of that, Liu Bei was also saved a visible defeat.

So, the question is, how powerful is Lu Bu’s shot at Yuanmen?

Why was it easy for Lu Bu to shoot down Yuanmen?  There are 4 reasons that a talented general is rarely overcome - Photo 2.

Shooting the halberd at 150 paces was a very difficult challenge to do. Photo: Sohu

From a physical perspective, in order to hit the barb at such a long distance, Lu Bu had to overcome many obstacles, which are gravity, air resistance, and direction.

How far is 150 steps in the old days? In the old days, two half-steps were called one step. The average half-step of an adult is about 75 centimeters, so an old-fashioned footstep was 150 centimeters. Therefore, if 150 steps the distance could be 112.5 m.

Meanwhile, in the Olympic archery competition, the distance from the archer to the target is 70 m. Therefore, if he participates in the Olympics, perhaps Lu Bu will be the number one in the world.

However, when shooting at Yuanmen, what difficulties did Lu Bu face?

What are the 4 difficulties that Lu Bu had to overcome?

Why was it easy for Lu Bu to shoot down Yuanmen?  There are 4 reasons that a talented general is rarely overcome - Photo 3.

Lu Bu hit the barb at a great distance. Photo: Sohu

First, the most important thing is the effect of gravity.

Accordingly, to be able to hit the target at a distance of 112.5 m requires the shooter to have both strength, calculation ability and experience. From there it can be seen how strong Lu Bu is. Under the influence of gravity, Lu Bu could not shoot parallel, instead the arc was shaped like a parabola.

The second is air resistance. In fact, there are many factors that affect air resistance, such as density, humidity, and dust. When aiming, Lu Bu not only had to calculate the parabolic shot, but also pay attention to the resistance of the air, ie the friction force of the air on the arrow.

Third is the wind direction. Successful archery also requires attention to the direction of the wind. Because when the wind blows, the resistance will change. To be able to shoot archery successfully requires strong generals like Lu Bu to have many years of practice and experience. The fact that he hit an arrow at such a long distance indicates that Lu Bu probably practiced archery a lot.

Finally, there is the matter of life and death. Under the pressure of life and death, Lu Bu was forced to shoot. Because if the shot is missed, not only will the battle between Ky Linh and Liu Bei happen, but it can also threaten the power and life of Lu Bu. This also shows how powerful Lu Bu’s fighting mentality is.

All in all, with all the pressure and excellent fighting ability on the battlefield, the fact that Lu Bu hit the barb at Yuanmen really made many people admire. Not only was he able to rescue Liu Bei, but he also showed his extraordinary archery ability and incredible courage.

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