8 items that are not arbitrarily given away lest all fortunes be dissipated

The items are absolutely not arbitrarily given or thrown away, because it can affect the fortune.

There are items in the home that the owner should not give to others at will. Because it can affect fortune or harm the good fortune of the family.

Used altar / incense bowl

For the reason that the altar or incense bowl is a sacred item in the house and is invited to bless a certain household, so the used altar or incense bowl should not be given to others, lest it bring harm. bad luck for both the giver and the recipient.

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Even if the wallet is new, it should not be given back to others. This is a feng shui object that symbolizes money. Giving your wallet to someone else is giving your money to someone else’s pocket.

On birthdays, many people like to give wallets to friends, but this is not a gift that means good fortune. It is possible for husband and wife to give each other wallets, because the leaves are still in the house.

User idols

The statue of the God of Fortune in your home cannot be arbitrarily given to others. According to the concept of feng shui, the statue of the god of wealth is an object that cannot be given away, but only kept in the house.

The recipient must also pay attention, the statue of the Fortune God used by others will not bring the expected luck.


According to the concept of Eastern feng shui, a clock is an object responsible for measuring the passage of time. It indirectly shows that youth is disappearing. The ancients believed that giving a watch is bad luck because it symbolizes a person’s time is gradually running out, for the year and month are exhausted.

Antiques/stones of unknown origin

If you do not know the origin of the item you bring as a gift, it is best not to give it to others because you yourself are not sure if the object really brings luck to the owner or not. Better yet, keep the item in a discreet place in the house.

The feng shui teacher taught: 8 items should not be arbitrarily given away lest fortune be dissipated-2

Baby’s crib

According to the ancient concept, a baby’s cradle is a good omen, so lending or giving away a baby’s crib is like giving your child’s blessing.

Moreover, the old crib after a period of use will be degraded, damaged, giving away can be dangerous for the next child. Therefore, this is taboo.

Old people’s crutches

The ancients considered crutches a symbol of longevity, even helping to ward off bad luck. Meanwhile, crutches are important items of the elderly, making it convenient to move. Therefore, giving away crutches to the elderly can be considered as giving life.

Sharp thing

Giving or receiving sharp objects such as knives, scissors, etc. has the risk of bringing bad luck to your relationship with that person, signaling the severance of the relationship or separation.

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