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8 things to do after quitting your job

Everyone resigns for a different reason, but after leaving you should do the following 8 things to feel comfortable.

Some people quit their jobs because of low wages, poor management, or simply because they want to rest and spend more time with themselves and their families.

Deciding to quit a job is never an easy thing, but instead of frantically applying for a new job without preparation, everyone should immediately do the following things to re-evaluate themselves and chart the right path. right for yourself.

Say goodbye

Regardless of the reason you quit your job, you still need to try to keep a good impression with your close colleagues. No matter how bad the job or management is, colleagues are still the people who make you feel happy and warm every time you come to the office. A party, face-to-face meeting or sending farewell gifts is an attractive suggestion.

Share openly

You are the one who knows the exact reason for leaving. It could be a boss, colleague or person in charge of human resources, but whoever it is, you should share your thoughts and problems with your boss, company or trusted people. This can change the corporate culture, help the people who stay, the new employees and make you feel more comfortable.

Don't be upset about quitting your job, there's a lot of work to be done.  Illustration: BBC

Don’t be upset about quitting your job, there’s a lot of work to be done. Illustration: BBC

Meet people who have missed appointments because of work

Many times we refuse to see friends because of busy work. So quitting is the most appropriate time for you to build and mend the relationships that have been missed.

Enjoy the quiet space

Many employees are obsessed with the sound of notifications from phone applications, from morning to midnight. But after you quit your job, you need to delete all these applications, even turn off the phone to enjoy the day off to the fullest, without worrying about your boss complaining.

Eat lunch slowly

Taking a break from work is the time when you can enjoy a full lunch, instead of eating while working. No need to eat in a hurry, constantly glance at the clock, or handle the pile of documents on the desk, cook and enjoy your favorite dishes slowly.

Put your laptop away

Many employees make a habit of carrying their laptops every time they go out, whether going to work or going out to handle work. But when you take a break, you won’t have to carry your laptop, which frees up bag space, reducing weight and your mind.

Try to invest

You have worked hard to increase the balance in your account. But quitting doesn’t mean you stop making money. Doers can learn stocks, cryptocurrencies or whatever else you want to profit.

Try new projects

This is the perfect time to start your own projects. You can travel, do your favorite work without having to write a leave application or sneakily ask your boss for approval. As long as you like it, keep doing it.

Don’t force yourself to do things you don’t like or regret quitting your job. Everyone needs time to recharge before moving on.

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